Top 10 Reasons Why Family Is Important In Our Life

Family can take a lot of forms and it serves various functions, it is the basis for procreation and plays an important role in socialization, so we are all directly or indirectly affected by this ancient institution.

Sociologists consider the family as the agency of primary socialization, it is the first point of call for children, the family is the first place where children experience interpersonal interactions that will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives. The absence or presence of a family structure plays an important role in the development of an individual, fundamental habits and lessons are picked up from childhood and the family serves as a source of lessons and instructions throughout life.

In this article, we are going to look at the top 10 reasons why family is important in our life. The family offers numerous benefits, but we are going to focus on the top 10 reasons.

1. Structure:

The family has a hierarchy, the father, mother, children and probably members of the extended family. The family has a structure, and this structure creates a conducive environment for growth and learning, two very important processes.

The family creates a support system that goes both ways, there is an exchange of resources, both physical and emotional, between members of a family, thus giving an individual assess to everything they need to be a functional member of their family and society and provide more value as they grow. By being a part of this structured institution, each member of the family can appreciate the importance of structure in life and in the society as a whole.

2. Security:

At some point in our lives, we all need protection, we are born helpless as children, oblivious of the dangers of the world. One of the most important roles of the family is to provide security on all levels; physical security, financial security, etc. Young members of a family don’t have to worry about keeping themselves safe, the adults handle that responsibility until they are old enough to look out for themselves; even after that, the family is still always there to provide security when it’s needed.

No matter how much trouble you get into, you can always go back to family, so the family provides that security, it gives you assurance that you have people to fall back on, people that will happily help you in times of need.

3. Love:

Love is the nucleus of everything, with love anything is possible. The family is built on compassion, kindness, and affection, the family is built on love. We all need love to add any kind of value to the society we live in because it is through love that we can give our best.

Our parents are the perfect models, they love us unconditionally from birth, they give sacrificially to make sure we get the best and grow up strong and capable. The family plays an important role because it teaches us love in a practical way, it teaches us empathy and kindness, attributes that are needed for a healthy and fulfilled life.

4. Education:

Education is in two major forms, formal and informal. Before we head out to school and start the journey of formal education, the home front is our first school. We are taught manners, told stories with lessons to be learned, and we pick up things from parents and siblings. The family provides the first level of enlightenment and orientation needed to function effectively in the society.

Knowledge is passed through interactions between family members, and there is a circle of influence where members have an influence on each other. Having a family makes the initial stages of life a breeze, because there is a natural system of education in place to prepare you for the world.

5. Sense of Belonging:

There is nothing as reassuring as being the member of a loving family, it gives a sense of belonging and security. A family is like an emotional support system with no expiry date, you can tap into the resources anytime. You are accepted for who you are and loved unconditionally. A sense of belonging is a human need, having a family fulfils this need, giving you confidence and emotional balance. A sense of belonging has been shown to improve motivation and cultivate a positive attitude towards life.

6. Esteem and Identity:

Esteem and identity are listed on the hierarchy of needs of humans, personal esteem and the desire for respect from others. We all love to be respected, and part of love is respect, you respect the people you love, irrespective of their ages. The family is built on love, therefore it is built on mutual respect, so the family is a good breeding ground for high self-esteem and a strong sense of identity.

7. Self-actualization:

We all have self-actualization needs, we want to realize our personal potential, we have goals and ambitions, but without a support structure, the journey of self-actualization can be a tough one. A good family creates a conducive environment for an individual to be what they truly are, you can freely dream and pursue your dreams because you have support in the form of family members who are ready to help financially and emotionally.

8. Fulfillment of Basic Needs:

Under normal circumstances, the basic needs of every member of a family should be met. The family is important in our lives as it ensures our basic needs are met. Resources are pulled together in a family so that every member gets the care and support they need to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

A good family is a family with solid plans to meet the basic needs of its families. Here the importance of planning and budgeting cannot be over-emphasized.

9. Support:

The family is a support system we can be sure we’ll have access to for the rest of our lives; we can always count on family. We get support from our families when we are sick, broke, heartbroken, etc. We all will face hard times in life, and during these hard times we’ll need someone to lean on, this is where the family never fails (in most cases, lol).

10. Memories:

 Memories stay with us for as long as we live, they are like our invisible companions, reminding us of the past and preparing us for the future. We spend a lot of time with our families and make a lot of memories in the process, these memories form a part of who we are, they affect our behavior and subtly affect our choices.


There are many more reasons that can be discussed, but the ones discussed are the main reasons that we all can relate to.

As humans we have needs, emotional and physical, that cut across different spheres. The family is very important because it alone caters to a huge percentage of our needs. The importance of family cannot be overstated, the family is the basis of the society and from the listed benefits it can be categorically said that the family is a pillar of society.

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