10 Best Temporary Beds for Guests – Space Saving Collections

Worry about sleep accommodation of guests? Relax! You just need to get one of the best temporary beds for guests as a better sleeping solution.

These beds are affordable, space saving and quite feasible for small urban spaces. This is unlike the traditional beds that are bulky and expensive. With the temporary beds, you can have something that you can fold or roll for storage when the guests are gone.

Buying a temporary bed need not be too hard for you because, here, we are going to guide you how to buy one. Let’s start.

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

1. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed Guest bed

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My thought for this bed:  The best in the market.

Milliard Diplomat is by far the best guests’ bed I know. It’s a serious bed with stable legs, fully designed support mechanism and offers your guests’ fresh nights throughout. Right off the bat, it’s the best bed you can buy and feel good on spending on it. Let’s see the good and the bad about it:

Excellent value for your money:  “48450inches and 57 pounds measurements in weight and surface area” what does this mean? It means when you buy this bed, you’ll have no issues for your guests to have complete rejuvenated sleep and comfort. It is even good if you’re looking for a low bed that offers maximum restfulness.

On the other hand, you’d like to know the firmness, dimensions and weight limits for the bed you’re buying. That’s said I’ll answer all you questions here: let’s find out:

Firmness: Other beds come with thin mattresses and they’re not firm and supportive. That is a thing of yesterday with the diplomat, you’ll have your guests enjoy here.  It is 4 inches base and the foam is solid and firm to offer support to its memory layer that provides soothing sleep. Don’t forget its foam is soft and firm your guests’ bodies will definitely love.

Portable:  Well, we all want to buy a bed we can easily carry home. That brings us to the second best thing I like about this bed. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to carry. You will find this from its 360 degrees casters that provide room for easy mobility. The other features for its portability love I have for it is because when you keep it, you’ll have the wheels locked while its folds just about 14 inches long.

Made from quality materials: This is another reason you and I can’t resist this bed, looking at it, you’ll see quality steel materials. This steel makes the legs stable, the bed stays longer and fully support even with the heaviest guests you host.

Securely packed: None of us want to buy something and find it defective on receiving, we both can have that worry out of our minds when it comes to this bed. You are rest assured by the manufactures, your bed will arrive in a secure box and in case of any issues you communicate.

Return Policy: I’ve just spoke about the bed coming securely packed, now here’s the best part. If you buy it and find any defects or the size and color isn’t what you ordered, you can return it and the right bed will be sent to you.

Quality bed sheets: Good, visitors don’t just want a bed, they also need sheets and I mean quality. This bed comes with its own sky blue colored sheets actually four pieces. They’re also satin fitted. I can’t guarantee you’ll have this bed with everything like a bed cover but there are covers available that are better and waterproof.

Its can hold heavy guests: Sometimes we worry about how heavy our friends are and wonder if we can afford a bed for them. Don’t worry about it again; Diplomat can carry heavy guests weighing above 200lbs. In fact the bed itself weighs about 225lbs.

Well, this bed is fine but I also find out something worth knowing before you buy it which is:

Not very strong: If your guests are kids, you may not have to worry about this but for heavy guests, take caution. When you’ve clasped it, you will find out that it not holding together enough in fact I noticed it opens up and doesn’t stay closed. The bad part is if you keep forcing the clasp it breaks.



Our verdict:  This folding bed is easy to set up and fold to stow away when not in use. It has a low profile comfortable mattress that is comfortable nonetheless. The powder-coated frame will last a long time. Overall it is a perfect choice for guest in a small size room.

2. Zinus Memory Foam Resort Folding Guest Bed

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Alright, sometimes the best guests’ bed you can buy is the one that fulfills your needs. Some guests want to have a bed that can move here and there. Well, if that so, then I advocate you go for Zinus.

It’s wheeled: As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you might have guests who come to take you for camping, this would need bed that moves in and out of the camp anytime guests want to sun-bath or relax. Zinus is the answer because of its wheeled legs.

Good features: Five inch mattress to be precise and an inch measuring memory foam. The base measures 4 inches in that case. Likewise, the frame is strongly made of steel.  The mattress is fabric made and it works just like a spring mattress.

The dimensions I’m presenting here is about 1875 inches when folded while for an open twin size of this bed, you’ll be counting approximately 1425 inch surface area. Additionally, the foam is sure quality; it’s also certified and durable.

Speaking of good features, I have seen previous beds from Zinus coming with natural and plants oil but this one is truly upgraded because it comes with Biofoam. To add to that, expect a mattress that keeps guests warm and fresh because it has charcoal that eliminates odor and absorbs air.

A long warrant policy: As of now, you know the importance of buying goods with a warrant; this bed offers you a full-year warrant so you can be rest assured you’ll be covered with your guests. Together with the warrant, Zinus beds are shipped straight to your house so no costs on that.

Hooks and straps: You already know it has a strong frame. It’s easy of storage and durability is also added by the hooks and straps the bed has.

Weight and other dimensions: A surface area of 54150 inches, delivery weight of 60.2 pounds, and a set-up manual attached plus a warrant guarantee manual. It mattress is 5 inches; memory is an inch while the supporting foam is 4 inches.

Unlocked and shaking wheels: As mentioned earlier, the wheels move but still they can’t lock plus the bed shakes when you get on. This doesn’t work for heavy guests and even slim ones would still have issues with the shaking.



Our verdict: The Zinus memory foam resort bed brings the touch of a hotel to your home. This is one of the best temporary beds in the market. It is very elegant, durable and super comfortable. If you are seeking a bed that is easy to set up and comfortable to sleep, this one might be for you.

3. King Koil California King Luxury Raised Air Mattress

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Even if you’re the sweetest person to your visitors, if you can’t have them sleep happily and soundly, you’ll be ranked a bad host. Let’s see why it made it top three:

Air raised mattress: Some guests want to bounce back and forth; King Koil will have that for them. To add to this, it has beams for much support and comfort. See, those who have used it, they say Koil beds arrive with an absolute change of heart- a new tech in the market for you {if you thought tech-savvy was only in machines you were wrong}. This technology is a sure-fire for your guests to sleep like children all night.

The air coils followed with the bed’s internal coil layering is a powerful and natural supporting mechanism. Speaking of the raised mattress, King bed offers health benefits that keeps your spine aligned without pressure on the neck and back for your guests.

Brilliant layers: This bed is a master at work. It comes with layers made of material that prevent tear and puncturing. It has long-lasting PVC that is added to a soft material {normally called flocking} to create a unique waterproofing ability. On the other hand, Koil is a durable airbed that is resistant to harsh conditions. Unlike other beds, Koil manufactures made this bed with fully flocking design which guarantees comfortably guests’ experiences.

The flocking is made of softly velvety materials on both sides-Top and sides.  It’s a high in-built style guests’ bed: Let me explain:

This bed arrives with a uniquely pump that has great speed for easy adjustment and maintenance. Strikingly, it arrives with customer made deflation and inflation valves-This is to make sure there is quick action, especially with heavy sleep, attacked visitors. It takes about 3 minutes or even less to inflate or deflate your mattress.

Dimensions: Measures a surface area of 3360 inches, it also comes with a cover, pillows and a full year warrant. Its weight is 60.2 pounds on deliver while the shipping is about 67 pounds.

Downside: Well, before you buy it, know that it has a tendency of easily leaking and it’s not good if your guests are tall.



Our verdict: King Koil Luxury mattress is better than most regular bed mattresses. With this mattress, you will give your guests a full night’s sleep. When they are gone, you can pack it for camping or other use.

4. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed with 4 Inch Mattress

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When you buy a foldable bed, you want one that folds into a small and compact size for storage in small spaces. This cot measures 31 by 73 inches. However, there are also twin and twin XL options if you have a heavier guest coming home. The cot has a weight rating of 350 pounds, which pretty much means that any adult can sleep on it. The LUCID rollaway temporary guest bed is designed with a 4-inch foam mattress. The top 1 inch of the mattress is memory foam, which adapts to the shape of the body as you sleep.

The rest 3 inches of the mattress are base foam, which offers support to your guest as he or she sleeps. The deck has spring support, which is much better than wood slats that many cots of similar size come with.

In addition to the foam mattress, you get a soft and breathable cover that is made of rayon, which comes from bamboo. This allows enough air circulation when your guest is sleeping, so they will not sweat. It is an important comfort feature. The cot is delivered in a box, so you have to do some assemblage. However, this is tool-free assembly, and it is pretty hassle-free so you will need no help. Just follow the manual that it comes with.

Weight and dimensions: Weighs 40 pounds, 9052 inches surface area, shipping weight and delivery weight is the same 40 pounds. It is also a firm mattress with medium flush feature. When folded it measures about 12 inches deeper, 48 inches higher with a width of 34 inches.

Easy set up and use:  Finally, sized rollaway visitors” beds always require special bed sheets; this is hard to get from local sellers. However, it comes with own made sheets.

Hint: Make sure you’ve seen the sheets are properly fitted before you take it home.

Downside: There’s a slight difference between the cot and twin versions of this bed which makes it hard to figure the best from the two.



Our verdict: This LUCID rollaway cot is an affordable option for temporary beds for your guests. You can lock the caster wheels so that the bed does not roll away with your guest when he or she is sleeping.

5. Air Mattress KING Size with Built-in High Capacity

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Do you hunger to have your guests comfortably supported during sleep?

King bed and its mattress is your savior. Honestly, people swear its mattress is above the shelves.

Quality Material: This bed is so far the strongest you’ll get from the market.

Forget about sagging and stretching when you have this, your guests will be all along comfortably. It is made from quality Vinyl materials.

It comes with a machine that allows easy washing of your guests’ bed sheets, and other clothes

Likewise, set up is within minutes. Talk about transportation, it comes with its bag to help you walk it home with easy. Surely, with it, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of being the amazing host to family and friends.

Hypoallergenic cover: Have you ever worried your guests might be allergic? Well, no more worries. With it, your guests are free from allergic attacks. It’s a do it anyway bed for guests. If you’re thinking of moving with your camping guests, don’t worry. This mattress is flexible and you can inflate and deflate per your wish.

Leak-free: It has fabric nylon that’s acts as the laminating mechanism to keep it leaking –free. In addition, you can take it anywhere and it will inflate and deflate with easy. You can get in 4 types the king, queen, full and twin.

Dimensions: It measures 80 by 74 and 18 inches which is an area of 106650 inches. It weighs 53 pounds both in shipping and delivery.

Downside: Well, if you live in cold places, you may want to know the mattress absorbs cold and easily penetrates cool air making it wet and uncomfortable.



Our verdict: With such a high weight rating, you have your guests’ sleeping needs sorted for as many nights as they would like to sleep in your home. The mattress has foam-like firmness when it is inflated and even someone with a bad back can use it.

6. Tri-Fold Folding Mattress with Storage & Carry Case

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Hardly do foldable temporary beds for guests come any better than this one. It has an incredible tri-fold design that makes it possible to be folded down to a small size of 25 by 25 by 12 inches (L by W by H). It also comes with a compact storage bag.

The versatility, convenience and flexibility of this mattress is very endearing. It is a no-frills plug-and-play kind of mattress. Whether you are going to use it on a cot, floor mat or even on a rug, it works wonderfully well. When going for a camping vacation, it should be easy to toss this bag into the trunk.

The thickness of the mattress when it is unfolded is 4 inches. That is not too high but it is high-density foam. It will stay intact for years before it can sink, unless it is being used daily. If you have a bad back, you need a high-density mattress like this one because it can help keep your spine aligned.

You get a zippered cover with this mattress. When it is used on the floor, it will collect dirt easily. You need not worry because the cover is removable and machine or hand-washable. After your guests are gone, just clean the cover and keep the mattress ready for the next guest.

It’s easy to fold & unfold: This doesn’t matter whether on bed or floor. You can enjoy its effectiveness at home, a mobile house, tent or just anywhere. It comes with perfectly made foam that is effortless to use. Additionally, we liked it because its foam has medicinal abilities.

Ventilated Mattress: This is to make sure you and your guests have clean air that regulates your smooth sleep. The best part is, it’s a certified bed and mattress-Fully secure for good sleep.

Dimensions: Weighs 13.8 pounds, surface area of 7500 inches, ships with the same weight and when folded the mattress measures 31 inches. The foam measure 4 inches, and it comes into types of 4 inches, 6 inches and a 4 ½ folded mattresses.

Cover: You’ll get a washable guests’ bed cover as well.

Downside: Well, before you buy it, know that the mattress doesn’t fits back in the box once it expands and the bed contain odors that lead to allergy attacks.



Our verdict: This is the most versatile design of a foldable mattress thanks to the tri-fold shape. Made of high-density foam, this mattress is good for guests, camping, and other outdoor activities.

7. Zoetime Upgraded King Size Double Air Mattress

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With its built-in AC electric pump of 120V, controlling the amount of inflation that you want in this mattress is so easy. Therefore, you can inflate it to the desired firmness easily. It takes about 4 minutes to inflate or deflate this mattress. The power cable for inflation has its built-in storage space so that it stays out of sight.

For comfort against the skin, the top of the mattress is flocked. The mattress has a soft and velvety touch on the skin. This keeps you comfortable throughout the night and you need not add a bedsheet on top. This flocked material is also waterproof. When you need to clean the mattress, just wipe it with a damp cloth and you are done.

For durability, the material used to make this inflatable mattress is double-layered. This is also why it is able to support a weight limit of up to 500 pounds. When you are done using the mattress, deflate and pack it in its carry bag for storage or transportation.

It’s a flexible air bed: Its airbed makes sure you’re fully supported while it still in perfect shape. Flexible to use and keep, and also saves space. Additionally, it has electric pump power cable which you can set within seconds.

Dimensions and cover: Weighs 227kilograms, has a surface area of 40800 inches, and the mattress is 18 inches. It also comes with a bed cover plus pillows.

Materials and rating: It’s made of waterproof materials from PVC, a secure film and thick mattress. Its design can carry up to 500 pounds. The mattress takes less than 5 minutes to inflate and deflate.

The Bad: If you’re buying it for kids who likes to play on beds, this isn’t the best recommendation for you.



Our verdict: If you’re looking for a smoother, durable and not heavy bed and mattress for your guests, keep your eyes on this. Zoetime is a true king on what he does. The bed and its mattress are known for their crazy ability for keeping guests comfortable all night.

8. LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold out Bed

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Elevated 14 inches from the ground; this is a good bed to unfold for your guest when he or she is spending the night at your place. First, it has a high quality metal frame, with a weight rating of 300 pounds. It also has a three-inch mattress made of high-density foam in the bottom and memory foam in the top part. Although it looks a bit thin, it is comfortable for temporary use.

The part of the frame that is in contact with the mattress is enhanced with wire mesh and Oxford cloth. The two materials offer better support than wood slat that is commonly used with many cots.

For assemblage and storage, this cot is bliss. You do not need any tools for assembling it. It folds nicely to a small and compact size of 38 by 31 by 7 inches. When it is unfolded, it measures 75 by 31 by 14 inches.

Foldable and applicable: With a memory foam measuring 3 inches, you can also enjoy the folding feature on it. Secondly, you can use it for guests who pop up without notice.

Dimensions, material and color: Naturally you can have a black, white, and blue. It measures 27300 inches of surface area. It made of metal; it doesn’t take much space plus it comfy and comfortable.

Downside: Before you pay for it, this bed isn’t worth it for heavy guests and camping. It’s best suited for home and offices.



Our verdict: Are you a person who likes simple things? Well, this is the best and simplest guest bed in the market so far. As the name LEISUT looks like “Leisure” this is for simple guests’ enjoyments. Why did we like it? Sure, we too like simplicity.

9. Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

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This foldable bed comes with a memory foam mattress of 5 inches thickness. The top 1.5 inches are made of memory foam that conforms to the natural curves of the body. The base of the mattress is 3.5 inches of high-density foam to give your guests even more support as they sleep. Memory foam relieves joints from pressure, making the user wake up refreshed and energetic.

The frame is made of strong metal, which is further powder-coated to make it corrosion-resistant. The frame also has wheels to make the bed easy to move around. Both the frame and the wheel give this Inofia temporary bed its resilience and tenacity.

The bed comes in a box so you have to put it together. This is easy and it does not require any tools. When you have assembled it, unroll the mattress and give it about 72 hours to fully decompress and lose the chemical smell too.

Foldable and saves space: Well, remember guests need to enjoy and you also need to keep your house tidy right? That said Inofia is the space-saving savior. You can move the bed and mattress as you please.

Material, dimensions and rating: It comes with a metal frame that makes it easy to fold and store. Have wheels for easy keeping and flexibility. It is made of strong wood supporting foam. Measures a surface area of 111465 inches, mattress weighs 19lbs with the frame weighing 34.5 lbs. it has a rating of 4.5 stars from the normal 5.

Downside: Before you leave, here’s something you should keep in mind: The mattress has a time limit of 72 hours for it to fully enlarge {Best if you have patience}.Weight is also a considerable factor for enjoying this bed and its mattress.



Our verdict: Do you dream to surprise your guests with a brilliant super comfortable and foldable bed? Good for you because Inofia is a famous known foldable guests’ bed in the market. 

10. Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame

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Zinus brings us this excellent temporary bed for a very affordable price. With a product like this one, there is no reason why you should let your guests take up your couch. This bed comes with an innerspring coil mattress with a thickness of 4 inches. It is comfortable for temporary use but it does feel a bit thin after prolonged use.

The bed has been made with a high quality steel frame that can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. The frame has stands at both ends and it has roller casters in the middle. These make it easy to roll away when you fold it. To make the metal frame even more durable, a wire mesh is welded on top. Unlike a wood slat, this wire mesh adds some bounce to the bed so that you can sleep even more comfortably.

Pressure-relieving foam: Guaranteed and mandatory guests’ comfort, it’s easy to store and fold- this is because of its lightweight and compactness. Otherwise, we love to bring you to warrant guaranteed goods and for your information, you’ll enjoy this master a full year warrant.

Dimensions, rating and materials: It comes with paddings measuring ½ inches each, a 14 inches frame made of steel, when open you will see a good surface area. The mattress comes with foam of 4 inches. The bed weighs 22.2 pounds.

The bad: Well, before you pay know that the bed sags has a tendency of getting older looks quick.



Our verdict: Well, there are masters everywhere and when it comes to guest sleeping, this is a bed like no other. Customers who have used it keep screaming about how sweet and a sleeping master it is. It’s a master specifically for guests who come and go-I’m talking about your usual one night guests. . 

Buying Guide for Temporary Guests beds

When looking for a temporary bed for your guests, you don’t want to buy the first one that you come across.

Here are the most important things to consider:

Size and weight limit

In the reviews, you have seen some air mattresses that are king size. Buy a bed that an adult can sleep on comfortably. However, also consider the amount of space available in your home. If you only have space for a twin bed, get that one. If you can do Twin XL, king or queen, get it.

The weight limit of the temporary bed should be high so that even the heaviest guest can sleep comfortably. It is likely that you will never have a guest who gets to the weight limit of the bed but if a bed carries lower weight, it will last longer. Check for a weight limit of 300 lbs and above.

Set up

The temporary bed will be shipped in a box. Even without any experience, it should be easy for you to assemble the bed. Check for a bed that does not require you to use any tools for assemblage and if it does, the tools should be provided. Also, look for a bed whose mattress does not take too long to decompress.

Mattress thickness

Thicker mattresses are better for obvious reasons. However, it is hard to fold a mattress that measures 6 inches or more. Therefore, you can look for a mattress with a thickness of 5 inches and below. Most have a small layer of memory foam on top and high-density base foam in the bottom.

Convenient features

These are features that you may or may not find in a foldable bed. One of them is wheels. A bed with lockable caster wheels stays stable when in use or in storage. If the bed does not have wheels, it should be light in weight to move easily in the room or to storage.

FAQ about Beds for Guests

What is the ample thickness of a mattress for a temporary bed?

Thicker is always better but if it is too thick, it will be hard to fold. Mattresses for temporary beds have thicknesses of between 2 and 6 inches. Your guests might feel the frame if they use a thin mattress. In that case, it would be much better to get a mattress that is at least 4 inches thick.

Inflatable bed vs foldable bed: Which is better?

It all depends on your needs. However, we have seen a few air mattresses with good height, made of tough material and that hold the air throughout the night. When you are not using them, you deflate, fold and roll the mattresses and keep them in storage. Some people also say that air mattresses are more comfortable than regular permanent beds.

Foldable beds on the other hand have ground clearance so your guests can stow some things under. They also have strong metal frames and comfortable mattresses. If you love camping, buy an inflatable air mattress so you can take it with you. If you just need a bed for indoor use, a rollaway one will do just fine.

How can I know that my temporary bed is durable?

It is hard to tell just by looking alone. In any case, you will most likely be buying it online. However, when you look at the warranty and/or money back guarantee, you can tell how durable an item can be. Warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Here, we have seen some temporary beds for guests that come with 2 to 10-year warranty. Longer is better, even though you might never cash in on it.


You have seen the best temporary beds for guests in their numbers and varieties. Some are inflatable mattresses/beds and some are cots or beds with metal frames. Whether you need a big or small temporary bed, there is one to meet your needs. Since finding the best bed can be quite daunting for a beginner, we have shown you ten of the best of them, handpicked and carefully reviewed. We hope you can now buy a temporary guest bed that will suit you.

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