PARLOS Faucet Reviews in 2022 – Analysis of Brand and Products

Are you planning to modify your old kitchen or change the appearance of your washroom? You’ll need a faucet to do both. With endless options available to choose from many brands, you might ignore some of the best faucets from PARLOS. They are a reseller on Amazon with a variety of bathroom and kitchen faucets. Today, we will describe some of the best products of this brand.

1. PARLOS 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet - 13598

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Our first recommendation is a two-handle brushed nickel bathroom faucet that comes with a pop-up drain. This surface mounted tap needs three holes for installation. It’s lead-free and certified with NSF 61 as well as cUPC, so it is safe to use.

This PARLOS faucet has Neoperl Aerator that provides a soft non-splashing stream without wasting water. Handles are made with HENT cartridge that are tested for leak-free performance. Both cold and hot water supply lines are also included with the faucet. Moreover, these lines are covered with Million Dollar Global Insurance for safe drinking water.

What do we like?

Due to a nickel build, the bathroom faucet is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing that might arise due to regular use. It has a standard appearance that suits all lavatories and washrooms. For convenient usage, there are two handles for absolute pressure that fulfills your requirements but never waste much water. Its assembly is easy, but you can choose to have an Amazon executive do all the hard work on your behalf.

What could be better?

The PARLOS two-handled faucet is cost-effective and looks very beautiful, but it sits high over the sink and hence leads to water pooling that does not drain properly. Some users also reported that it starts leaking under the spout after a few months. However, only a few users experience this problem.

Our verdict: The Parlos two handle sink faucet is great for homeowners who needs an attractive and easy to install fixture in their bathroom. If you are modifying your bathing area and need a durable faucet, then its one of the best Parlos faucets you can try.

2. PARLOS Swivel Spout 2-handle Lavatory Faucet - 13627

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Another premium lavatory faucet with a durable brushed nickel finish that instantly strikes your mind because of its affordable price and attractive design. Well-made bathroom additions like this might cost you hundreds of dollars, but not with PARLOS. The brand gives you a reliable product that withstands regular usage and still maintains its original appearance.

The PARLOS faucet comes with two handles; one for hot water and another for cold water. Due to dual handles, you can easily control the water temperature, flow rate, and pressure. It supports a three-hole installation, and the setup is relatively easy.

What do we like?

The great-looking faucet comes with water supply lines, pop-up drain, and all other hardware required for installation. It’s a high quality and durable product that adds style to your washroom or lavatory. The 360 degree swiveling spout with high arc gives you better clearance and convenient access to the water flow and sink. The pop drain works effectively, and due to Neoperl Aerator, you get soft water flow with no splashing. It also uses HENT cartridge for a leak-free experience.

What could be better?

This PARLOS faucet is prone to discoloration and stains; especially if it’s not properly maintained. Don’t apply harsh chemicals for cleaning, use water instead. Apart from that, it’s a three-hole installation, so you cannot use it if you have a one-hole sink.

Our verdict:  The PARLOS two-handled faucet is a beautiful addition to your bathroom, especially if you need an easy-to-use, stylish, and affordable tap that will not expand your reconstruction project.

3. PARLOS Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Faucet - 14070

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The nickel finished Waterfall makes you feel like you’re using a natural flow. It has a unique design that supports three-hole installation. Due to its widespread installation, you can set the fixture at any distance between 6 to 12 inches. The faucet comes with a pop-up drain assembly, water supply hoses, and a quick connect fitting hose. If you follow the installation instructions, its welding is very easy. However, you can also opt for the Amazon expert installation.

What do we like?

The brushed nickel finish of the faucet gives it a stainless steel appearance and complements surrounding objects. Due to its metal construction, the product is durable and reliable. There are two handles for convenient usage. Similar to the previous two recommendations, the Waterfall also has a HENT cartridge for leak-free performance, and its water supply lines are insured with Million Dollar Global Insurance for safe drinking water.

What could be better?

Some users reported water leakage, which can be a result of improper installation. Apart from that, the stylish faucet is all about comfort and convenient usage. If you are unsure about the setup, you can have an Amazon expert do the installation for you.

Our verdict: No need to waste your time on further research if price, style, and ease of use are your expectations from a bathroom faucet. The Waterfall is best for individuals who want a unique and attractive tap for a bathroom.

4. PARLOS Widespread Double Handles Bathroom Faucet - 13651

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The widespread double handle bathroom faucet makes an impact with its high quality build and affordable nature. Its premium construction has a brushed nickel finish with a steel-like appearance that complements the interior decoration of your washroom.

This bathroom faucet is built for three-holes, and you can install it anywhere between 8 to 16 inches. There are two levers in this faucet, so you can easily control water temperature, pressure, and flow. It comes with all the required hardware for its assembly, including quick connect fitting hose, pop-up drain assembly, and water supply hoses.

What do we like?

PARLOS bathroom faucet is an attractive bathroom component available at a pocket-friendly price. It comes with a pop-up drain assembly that works well. You only have to press the top of its drain, you don’t have to get under the sink. The product also comes with a high-quality gasket, eliminating the need for plumber’s putty. This gasket also prevents any leakage during assembly. Its installation is easy because all the required components are included.

What could be better?

PARLOS bathroom faucet is attractive and affordable, but it’s not durable enough. Some users reported leakage and corrosion. So, we recommend you follow the right installation steps using the included guidelines. Also, you should clean the component only with water or vinegar cleaner.

Our verdict:  The Paros widespread faucet is beneficial for people looking for an affordable and stylish component for their new washroom. If you are planning to modify your bathing area and need an easy-to-use faucet that won’t inflate your budget, this is one the best options you can consider. 

5. PARLOS Double-Handle Lavatory Faucet - 13592

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It looks like PARLOS has a wide range of double-handle faucets because our next PARLOS recommendation also comes with two levers. It has a sleek oil rubbed design that effortlessly matches other accessories and fixtures and makes them look great. Due to its bronze finish, the faucet is resistant to corrosion and rust. It comes with a drain assembly and water supply outlets for hot as well as cold water. The product meets the standards set by cUPC and NDF 6, hence the faucet is safe to use for everyone.

What do we like?

The lavatory faucet has a robust build that keeps it looking new for years. You don’t have to think about repair or replacement anytime soon. It works with two handles that give you complete control over the water flow.

Cleaning and maintenance are the major challenges of fancy faucets like this, but this isn’t the case with this PARLOS product. You can easily clean it with regular water or vinegar solution. As the hoses and drain assembly are included, you don’t have to look for any other hardware during installation.

What could be better?

This PARLOS faucet is cost-effective and beautiful, but several users reported that it tends to leak after few weeks of usage. Leakage is always from the drainpipe, so we recommend you follow the correct guidelines during installation.

Our verdict: The stylish lavatory faucet is for those who want an elegant tap for a bathroom that looks great with any interior. It is also easy to install, so you can try this if you don’t want to seek external help.

6. PARLOS Single Handle Centerset Bathroom Sink Faucet - 13433

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Let’s welcome the first Centerset bathroom sink faucet on this list. Suitable for three-hole installation, this single handle bathroom fixture has a unique design that gives you a fantastic washing experience. Designed to impress, this product has a durable build with chrome finish. So, it’s resistant to corrosion and tarnishing that is common after regular usage. 

The faucet is surface mountable and comes with a drain assembly and supply lines for both hot and cold water. It’s certified with cUPC and NSF 61, it is also lead-free for safe use.

What do we like?

This single-handle center set faucet has a long-lasting finish that withstands the test of time and regular usage. It has a single lever for an effortless flow of water as per the required pressure and temperature. The unit is compatible with three holes and also has a 4-inch center set design for easy installation. Apart from that, it has all the hardware you will need for installation. You only need a wrench and the given instructions, you can install it without external help.

What could be better?

The included water supply lines are short in length, which can be a problem during installation. Also, the drain assembly is badly designed. It tends to leak in some cases and also limits the amount of water that can flow down the drain at once.

Our verdict: PARLOS single handle center set bathroom faucet is excellent for individuals living in rental flats or apartments. It’s cost-effective, easy to install, and gives you great value for your money by giving you complete functionalities.

7. PARLOS Pull Down Kitchen Faucet - 13636

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In this pull-down kitchen faucet, PARLOS gives you the standard one-hole installation. This model has a brushed nickel finish, which is resistant to corrosion and scratches. The finish is also resistant to tarnish; that’s a frequent occurrence in faucets due to regular usage. Its spout has a 360-degree rotation, and due to such high arc you get plenty of space to complete all daily activities related to cooking. The unit also has a smooth side spray that makes it even more versatile for kitchen use. The product is lead-free and has certifications from cUPC and NSF 61.

What do we like?

The spray head is very smooth and works great, even outside the sink. It’s easy to take out, and it fits back conveniently when you’re done. So, you can choose between a water stream or spray according to your requirements. There is a single lever that you can use to control the pressure and temperature. This PARLOS faucet needs a single hole, making installation easy.

Moreover, the drain assembly and water supply lines are also included in the product. The water supply line also has a Million-Dollar Global Insurance coverage. Overall, it’s a safe product to use in the kitchen.

What could be better?

It is a great faucet that does not carry any hard-earned qualities to disqualify it from your shopping list. The only part wherein you can raise your eyebrows is its cost because you will see some other pull down kitchen faucets with low prices. However, if you like the valve and want to invest in it, then it will reward you with style and ease of use.

Our verdict: It’s a great faucet for individuals who need an attractive, modern, and easy-to-use addition to their kitchen. This one is hard to reject, especially if you look at its features and the safety it guarantees.

PARLOS Faucet Brand Overview

Products Always Render Love & Offer Support; this is the full meaning of PARLOS. So, it’s easy to understand why they are one of the best third-party sellers on Amazon. Durability, attractive design, and excellent customer support are the three areas where the brand excels.

Kitchen and bathroom faucets are the first products of this brand. All the models are built with care to last and made available to you at very budget-friendly prices. Whether you need widespread, two handle, or single handle bathroom faucets, you can get one at PARLOS. The brand also has a wide range of kitchen faucets available with all the latest features.

Benefits of Using PARLOS Faucets

Almost all the PARLOS valves we discussed today are user-friendly, they mix well with any bathroom or kitchen interior décor. Due to their wide range of options, you can easily choose one of their products to fit your requirements and budget. Let us discuss some other benefits of investing in a PARLOS faucet.

  • Durability: All PARLOS faucets are durable and leak-free, especially if installed following the included instructions. Purchase one of their taps and you can use it for a long time without worrying about repairs or replacement.
  • Ease of installation: PARLOS faucets include all the required hardware, including the water supply lines. So, you can quickly assemble them following the included instructions.
  • Safety: All PARLOS faucets are manufactured according to the standards set by cUPC and NSF 61. This means they are safe to use in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. Moreover, the included water lines come with a Million Dollar Global Insurance coverage. 

How good are PARLOS faucets?

To know the real worth of PARLOS faucets, we communicated with several users. Most of them are happy because the product looks good and is easy to install. Taking everything out and installing them is quick and convenient. As you noticed in the above-given reviews, all Paros faucets come with a pop-up drain assembly and water supply lines. Both components work well, and there are no leakages even after regular usage. Handles work very smoothly, and the water flow is excellent.

It’s almost effortless to use, users are satisfied with the single handle as well as dual handle faucets.

However, the problem is with the drain assembly that comes included with the Parlos faucets. In some of the models, its ineffective and the reason might be its poor built. Apart from that there are several Parlos faucets that tend to leak. So, make your selection carefully after reading the given description.

Warranty and customer service?

All PARLOS products are covered under Amazon A to Z warranty, which makes sure that you receive the product on time without any defects. In case there is a fault or you encounter unwanted problems, you can get a refund or replacement within 90 days of purchase.

PARLOS has an excellent customer support department, you will get fast resolutions. You can contact them from the PARLOS home page at Amazon or through their website


You would like the low price of PARLOS faucets. They offer great prices on all their products. Yes, the pull-down kitchen faucets are comparatively expensive. However, they are stylish and useful enough to prove their worth.

Should you buy PARLOS faucets?

If you need a cost-effective, attractive, and durable addition to your kitchen or bathroom, then you can purchase one of the PARLOS faucets. Some of their products come with plastic drain assembly, but you can overlook its shortcomings because of its price.

We would recommend Parlos faucets to individuals who don’t want to modify their plumbing system without take any external help. Their faucets meets the standards of NSF 61 and cUPC. So, Parlos products are also suitable for a family. However, if you need an automatic faucet then you can check other options from a different because Parlos does not such options.

PARLOS alternatives?

OWOFAN is the first alternative you can consider. Similar to PARLOS, Owofan also manufactures some high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets. They have an enormous collection of kitchen and bathroom accessories that you can use in cooking or washing areas.

VCCUCINE is another name that offers you some of the best kitchen and bathroom faucets at affordable prices.

FAQs about Papasan Chairs

Where are PARLOS products made?


Are PARLOS faucets good my house?

Most PARLOS faucets are inexpensive and come with all the required hardware needed for their assembly. PARLOS products are great for users who want to install a faucet without professional help. Moreover, all their faucets are cUPC and NSF 61. They are safe for use inside and outside the house.


In case you are planning to modify a bathroom or kitchen, PARLOS faucets deserve your attention. We have shared seven best PARLOS faucet reviews. We hope you find the right product that’ll meet all your needs.

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