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At Familyaxis.org, we believe there is a better way to get tips and advice for home and family life. A more valuable and hassle-free way to get information from the internet. Here, we are dedicated to providing valuable information to our visitors. Our mission is to provide better tips, ideas and product information that can ease the process of daily family life. We understand the value of our visitors and we are passionate to provide the best information.

All this information is provided with an unbiased view. Moreover, we are committed to giving you the best product recommendation. We do not recommend any product which we don’t like.

If you  have any queries regarding our site’s information, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Who We Are?

Hi, this is Emily Baker and Raymon Baker, a happily married couple from the USA. We are proud parents of two children named Erik Baker and Daina Baker. In our years together, we had to make some crucial decisions about our home and family issues. We had to do extensive research out of necessity and fun. Now, we have decided to share our experience and knowledge that we have gained in these years. 

Family Axis - Emily Baker and Raymon Baker
Emily Baker Bio

Emily Baker

Hi, Emily here. I am the senior editor and co-founder of Family Axis. I am very passionate about writing family-oriented topics and providing product recommendations. Here, I take care of the content and designing issues mainly. Besides this blog, I have been working on a well known manufacturing company as a product researcher. I love to travel, watching movies and reading lifestyle magazines.

Raymon Baker

Raymon Baker

Hi, Raymon here. I am the co-founder and senior co-ordinator of Family Axis. I look after server-side maintenance and SEO issues. Moreover, I sometimes love to write about home improvement and men’s topics. Besides this blog, I have a business of home improvement tools. In terms of my hobbies, I love to travel, watching sports, fixing small appliances and spending time with my family.