What is the True Meaning of Family?

What is the meaning of family for you? To some, it might be a group of individuals related by ancestors or blood. For others, a family is built upon support, compassion, or love, not on genes and bloodlines.

In other words, the definition of family changes and it can mean multiple things. Whether the household consists of grandparents and kids or parents and children, it’s called family. No matter what are the relations, but when they live together and take care of each other, it’s family. However, things change when the primary ingredients are lacking. Meaning, you cannot call a cohabitation family if it lacks support, trust, respect, and love.

Who makes a family?

Mother, father, and kids, are the primary members of a traditional family. Even if you watch television, you will find that this structure is shown as perfect families, especially in daily soaps. However, the 21st century is all about changes and how can family units stay away from it?

In the current scenario, kids are raised by a single parent, grandparents, and even parents who belong to the same sex. Some of the couples do not prefer to have children while others cannot reproduce due to medical and even emotional barriers. These are the reasons why we needed a broader definition of “family”.

What is the true meaning of family?

Most of us meet with thousands of people; family members, friends, schoolmates, and colleagues are some of the common categories to bifurcate the volume. You form a unique bond with each of them that cannot be shared with any other individual. Some of them are not labeled as blood relations, but still, they feel like members of your family. What does it mean?

Is it not allowed to consider someone family, if he or she is not living with you in the same house? Even if that particular person has supported you the whole time and stood beside you when everyone left. Exists in your life without a genetic link, but acts generous, kind, and supportive similar to a family member. Will it be inappropriate to include such as person in your family?

We cannot choose our blood relations, but isn’t it unfair to exclude someone who fits the definition of family? In other words, the designation of a family member should depend upon action, instead of your last name. Keep in mind that we are living in a modern world, wherein the family is not only your parents and siblings. It’s the reason why we stated earlier that the definition of family is bound to evolve as per the changing times. Let’s talk about the other factors that people consider while defining their family.

Friends as family

You will find multiple individuals who consider friends as family. A person who lost his or her family members cannot live without anyone. So, a group of people with similar goals and interests can work as a family structure. Such families exist in the current society because they are close to each other. It’s easy to understand because friends are your choice, unlike blood relations. Some of those are more special or important than family members and the reasons can be multiple.

Pets as family

Animals are more emotional than human beings. It’s the reason why most people consider pets as family members. A couple who choose not to give birth to a new life enjoys pets as their kids. Pets are generally more than family members to someone who loves animals like cats or dogs.


We cannot define family by following the definitions given in the books or dictionary. Every individual should choose a family according to his or her own choice and standards. You can enjoy several families at once or have multiple families in the whole lifetime. Who knows the future?

A family is a unit that works for each other. So, no matter whether you have a traditional or modern mindset, the family is what you make it. Whether it’s your parents, spouse, relatives, friends, or pets, you can consider them family if they offer you the required support and trust that helps you to thrive.

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