Derengge Faucet Reviews in 2020 – Brand and products Analysis

Can you complete any of your activities in a kitchen or bathroom without a faucet? No need to think much because the answer is no. Derengge is one of the best faucet brands that has revolutionized the advancements of kitchen fittings. Whether you have to simplify the cumbersome task of washing endless dishes or need an elegant addition in a newly constructed bathroom, Derengge has a product for you. To help you find the right choice from the brand, we are here with Derengge faucet reviews. Go through the given models and then get an ideal addition for your cooking area or washroom.

1. Derengge F-4501-NB Two Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

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If you are planning to build a new bathroom or modify the old one for a trendy appearance, we recommend the F-4501-NB. High quality and stylish, this faucet mixes up easily with any interior design. The included sink drain assembly helps you keep a sink clean without water clogging. The product is built at NSF61-9, cUPC, and UPC standard, which means it’s lead-free. It’s also built with AB1953 Watersense standard, so it uses less water when compared to other options. 

What do we like?

Derengge double-handed faucet has an aesthetic appeal that suits both residential and commercial bathrooms. It has a straightforward assembly procedure that consumes less time. All the hardware is available with F-4501-NB, so you don’t have to look for anything but tools. Moreover, its manual is detailed and explains all the installation steps in a natural way. The flow rate of this bathroom product is 1.2 GPM Max at 60 psi, and it also reduces leak points for better usage.

What could be better?

The included pop up drain is made of plastic, which leaks in some of the bathroom sinks. Moreover, you cannot find any of the damaged parts online. So, if the faucet or its related components are not functional or creating leakage, you have to purchase a new valve or use third-party products. 

Our verdict: Derengge F-4501-NB two handle faucet gives you ample of space for all the daily activities. So, it can be a great purchase for a large family. This water saving fixture is durable and stylish, but the main attraction is its oil rubbed bronze finish that mixes well with any decor.

2. Derengge F-S4501-MT 4" Two Handle Contemporary Lavatory Faucet

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It looks like Derengge has mastered the technique of using black in the best possible ways. The next model has a matte black finish, which makes your washroom even more stylish. Made of solid brass, the F-S4501-MT is a lead-free lavatory faucet with two handles. It gives you an effortless flow of water without wasting much of it because it is built with a Watersense standard. Moreover, it has a ceramic disc cartridge that provides long-lasting and smooth performance without leakage. 

What do we like?

Black faucets are relatively expensive, but you are getting F-S4501-MT at a very affordable price. You will like its high quality build and ability to gel with surrounding accessories. Due to a spout height of 5.6 inches, you get a planet of space for comfortable usage. Apart from being lead-free, the faucet is certified and listed by UPC/cUPC and NSF69-1. So, all your family members can use it. Also, installation is easy because of an easy-to-understand instruction manual. 

What could be better?

The only thing we can complain about is its paint. Some users shared that its matte black paint job comes off after some time. However, it depends upon usage and cleaning. We recommend you clean this lavatory faucet with water or vinegar cleaner.

Our verdict: F-S4501-MT is a suitable purchase for homeowners because its easy to install and adds some style to a bathroom. You might want to keep this two handle contemporary faucet on the buying list, if you are modifying your bathing area or building a new one.

3. Derengge Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Another Derengge faucet, but this time it’s single-handed and specifically made for kitchens. The unique handle pull-down faucet has a raw appeal that makes it suitable for any cooking area. At first glance, you might think it’s just another pull-down faucet for your cooking area, but once you start using it, it’ll blow your mind with an incredible performance. 

The kitchen faucet is very convenient and has a straightforward design. It gives you a water flow of up to 1.8 GPM at 60 psi with the least amount of pressure applied. But the real charm is its single handle control; you can get both hot and cold water using the same lever. 

What do we like?

Derengge faucet has a high arc spout that gives ample space for large utensils or a bunch of dishes. The pull-down faucet comes with a ceramic disc cartridge that ensures leak-free water flow. The ceramic disc never cracks or chips inside. Such discs also keep water clean and pure by discouraging bacteria growth that might happen due to cracks, external or internal.

Another winning point of the product is its lead-free nature which makes it suitable to use for your family guests. The faucet comes with all necessary accessories, including hoses for hot and cold water supply. So, you will not have to look for anything else apart from the tools. 

What could be better?

The faucet’s water flow rate is comparatively high, but the pressure is not satisfactory. The hot and cold valve doesn’t last long. Some users are also unhappy because the pull-down spray does not fit after a few months of use. There is another minor issue with the brand sticker, which is at the base. The branding does not look good, and it leaves a permanent mark if it’s removed. 

Our verdict: Derengge gives you a stylish and classic kitchen faucet at an affordable price. Due to its brushed nickel finish and luxury features, the tap would look great with a farmhouse sink. It’s an excellent addition for your kitchen if you need high-quality features without paying a hefty amount. 

4. Derengge F-8303-PB 8" Widespread Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet

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The widespread double handle bathroom faucet makes an impact with its high quality build

Made of brass, the F-8303-PB is a long-lasting bathroom faucet built with Watersense, NSF61-9, cUPC, and UPC standards. So, it’s lead-free and safe for everyone.

There are two separate handles for cold and hot water for effortless usage. The water flow rate of this kitchen component is up to 1.5 GPM at 60 psi. It wastes minimal water and makes sure you get the required pressure. A pop up drain assembly also makes the faucet versatile and useful in multiple applications. 

What do we like?

Like the previous options, this one also comes equipped with a ceramic disc cartridge, which makes sure that you can enjoy a drip-free experience. The spout height of 4.2 inches is sufficient and provides added convenience while using the sink. The polished brass finish of the F-8303-PB adds elegance and a vintage style to your washroom and becomes the center of attraction to gather some compliments from your guests. Moreover, it comes with hoses and all other hardware you need for a quick assembly.

What could be better?

This Derengge faucet has a high price and ravishing appearance. However, the handles are not durable. Some users reported broken levers after a few months of usage. Also, it can’t be installed by one person.

and affordable nature. Its premium construction has a brushed nickel finish with a steel-like appearance that complements the interior decoration of your washroom.

This bathroom faucet is built for three-holes, and you can install it anywhere between 8 to 16 inches. There are two levers in this faucet, so you can easily control water temperature, pressure, and flow. It comes with all the required hardware for its assembly, including quick connect fitting hose, pop-up drain assembly, and water supply hoses.

What do we like?

PARLOS bathroom faucet is an attractive bathroom component available at a pocket-friendly price. It comes with a pop-up drain assembly that works well. You only have to press the top of its drain, you don’t have to get under the sink. The product also comes with a high-quality gasket, eliminating the need for plumber’s putty. This gasket also prevents any leakage during assembly. Its installation is easy because all the required components are included.

What could be better?

PARLOS bathroom faucet is attractive and affordable, but it’s not durable enough. Some users reported leakage and corrosion. So, we recommend you follow the right installation steps using the included guidelines. Also, you should clean the component only with water or vinegar cleaner.

Our verdict:  Derengge F-8303-PB is an excellent option for individuals who have a rich vintage taste. Its metal build is durable and lead-free, and due to its decent spout, you can conveniently finish your daily activities. 

5. Derengge 083-MT 8" Single Handle Pull Out kitchen Faucet

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Derengge 083-MT gives you a lethal combination of solid brass construction and matte black finish. So, the faucet is not only durable but also a showstopper. Due to its design and color, it’s a good fit for any kitchen décor or style. It gives you the natural streamflow, but what makes it productive is a pull-out spray. In regular flow, it gives you a maximum of 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute) at 60 psi. It also has a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge that ensures long-lasting and comfortable usage. 

What do we like?

The pull out feature gives you the freedom to comfortably have access to your dishes and utensils. There are multiple applications that you can fulfill with its spraying ability. The spout height is excellent to accommodate large pots and kitchen products. The faucet comes with a deck plate that supports one-hole and three-hole installation. It’s another helpful addition that makes the component suitable for modifying your kitchen. The brand leaves no stones unturned to make it safe. Derengge 083-MT is UPC/cUPC, AB 1953 lead-free, NSF69-1 certified and built with Watersense standard. So, it’s safe to use for everyone.

What could be better?

We like everything about this faucet, except its high price tag. The 083-MT is comparatively expensive than other Derengge products listed here. However, looking at its style, durable nature, and features, the price is justified.

Our verdict: Suitable for modern kitchens, the Derengge 083-MT is perfect for individuals who need a stylish, multi-purpose, and durable content for their kitchen. Pull out spray, deck plate, and Watersense are the real qualities of this option. 

6. Derengge F-8805-MT 8" Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet

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Choose the F-8805-MT if you need an attractive and durable faucet for your bathroom. It has a lead-free solid brass construction that includes dual handles for convenient usage. Similar to other Derengge products, this one also has a ceramic disc cartridge for a drip-free and smooth usage. A spout height of 4.2 inches is comparatively lower, but it’s sufficient for almost all bathroom related activities. Its water flow rate is up to 1.2 GPM at 60 psi.

What do we like?

Apart from being lead-free, this bathroom component is built with NSF69-1, UPC/cUPC, and Watersense Standard. So, it’s not only safe to use but also saves a considerable amount of water in the long run. Pop up drain assembly is also included. Apart from that, the faucet comes with both hot and cold connecting hoses and all other related hardware needed for installation.

What could be better?

The F-8805-MT is only suitable for a 3-hole sink because of its dual handles. So, if you are modifying your bathroom and have a single hole sink, you cannot use it. Some users also reported that the paint starts chipping off after a while.

Our verdict: Lovely, that’s what we can say about the F-8805-MT. It’s an excellent option for individuals who like black and need a stylish faucet for a newly built bathroom. 

7. Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Metal is the best build material when it comes to faucets and other bathroom accessories. LFS-0188-CS is another robust brass kitchen component suitable for both residential and commercial washing areas. It makes no excuses to give you the best in both situations. All thanks to its 1.2 GPM 60 psi, which is the maximum pressure it can supply. A lead-free body and two handles for convenient usage are the other factors that deserve your attention. 

What do we like?

The LFS-0188-CS also has the same ceramic disk cartridge that gives you long-lasting services without leakage or dripping. Constructed with NSF69-1, UPC/cUPC, and Watersense standard, the faucet has more value than meets the eye. It’s not only safe to use but also saves a considerable amount of water. It comes with a pop-up drain assembly for versatile usage. Apart from that, it comes with all the assembly hardware, including the hose for hot and cold water. 

What could be better?

Derengge LFS-0188-CS is a beautiful faucet for your washroom that takes some extra time to install. The problem is its unclear instruction manual. Some users also reported that the quick connector hoses were leaking.

Our verdict:  LFS-0188-CS is an elegant bathroom faucet that’s durable and easy to use. It suits users who need a unique bathroom component that can provide long-lasting services without leakage or dripping. 

Derengge Faucet Brand Overview

Derengge is an OEM that has been active since 2007, Derengge also provides ODM services to international clients mainly from the US market. The company makes its products according to the standard set by UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) and cUPC (Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code). 

Derengge exists with one motive; to provide you with the best quality faucets for your kitchen and bathroom. It’s the reason why they test all their products multiple times for leakage. Their leakage test is not only for water but also for air. The brand is just as concerned about quality as it is about the environment. Most of their products are made with Watersense standard, which means they use comparatively less water than other faucets. 

Benefits of Using Derengge Faucets

As we already discussed, Derengge concentrates on making long-lasting quality products. So, if you are investing in one of their taps, you can be assured that, with correct installation and adequate maintenance, you will not have to look for a replacement anytime soon.

However, durability is not the only actor that makes Derengge faucets desirable. Some of the other benefits are listed below:

  • Cost-effective: If you check the price of any of the mentioned bathroom or kitchen products, you will notice that Derengge faucets are available at low price tags when compared to other brands. Black faucets are generally expensive than different variants, but not when you are browsing Derengge.
  • Lead-free: None of the Derengge faucets contain lead in their construction. So, whether you choose an addition to your kitchen or bathroom, everyone can use it. 
  • Water-saving: Watersense is another rare and productive feature that Derengge faucets possess. This means you will get the required pressure, but water won’t be wasted. It’s one of the best qualities that add to the value of Derengge faucets. 

How Good Are Derengge Faucets?

If you purchase a Derengge faucet according to your requirements and choice, you will enjoy its services for a long time. They have a wide range of taps for bathrooms and kitchens. Whether you need a stylish faucet with a single lever or a two-handled version, Derengge has you covered. As they are durable and come with ceramic disk cartridges, you will not experience leakage. All the hardware required for the assembly is always included with all Derengge products, so you only need the right expertise and tools to assemble them. 

Some of the users reported that their Derengge branded faucet leaks or make hammering sound. However, if you will follow the right installation instructions that are already included with the product, there will not be any problem.

Warranty and Customer Service

All Derengge products come with Amazon A to Z warranty, ensuring timely delivery without damage. If you are not satisfied in any way, you can ask for a refund within 90 days; depending on the product. If you face any trouble after the given period, then you can contact them through

Pricing of Derengge Faucets

The given cost on Amazon includes the price of the product, freight charges, and other taxes. Derengge faucets are comparatively inexpensive, that’s why the brand’s popularity increases every season. Amazon offers expert installation on all their products, which sometimes exceeds the product’s price. However, if you’re a beginner or an elderly person, then you can choose the option. 

Should You Buy Derengge Faucets?

You can try one of the Derengge faucets, if it suits the interior of your bathroom and kitchen. If you are planning to build a new house and the price or features suits your preferences, then also you can check and see if any of their faucets can fulfil the purpose. Their products are well made, attractive affordable, and are safe for your family and guests.

Derengge single and double handed faucets proves to be useful according to their functionalities. However, their pull downs does not offers a great length. So, they are less than helpful when you need to clean the sink or countertop.

Alternatives to the Derengge Brand?

A few other brands provide faucets with similar quality, features, and prices. Arofa and Rulia are a couple of those makers that have some of the bestsellers when we talk about kitchen components. Ufaucet is another creative and passionate manufacturer of unique and innovative faucets, sinks, and many other kitchen and bathroom related accessories.

FAQs about Papasan Chairs

Where is Derengge located?

The brand is located in China. 

How do I clean Derengge faucets?

You can use water to clean them. If you have a Bronze faucet, you can apply some vinegar cleaner and buff it with a dry cloth.


If you have not decided on the faucet brand you will use in your newly constructed kitchen or modified bathroom, then you have every reason to try one of the Derengge faucets. We have told you about some of the best valves that are available from this brand. Read the reviews and choose one of them according to your requirements and budget.

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