10 Best Stainless Steel Gas Ranges Reviews in 2020 (Updated)

It really does not take much to turn you into a cooking aficionado – just the right tools for the job! That is why you are reading this article on the best stainless steel gas ranges.

This appliance will be the heart of your kitchen, and your home. It is what you will use to make various delights for your family.

However, first things first. What is a gas range?

A gas range is a cooking appliance with a cooktop area that uses gas for fuel and an oven. Simply, we can say it is the combination of a gas cooking stove and oven in one unit.

As you can guess, this kitchen appliance has its unique benefits; one of them is that it is the ideal space saver for small apartments.

Here, we shall look at stainless steel gas ranges. These come in all sizes, styles and shapes. Therefore, it can be a bit hard for a first-time buyer to really get the best one.

Read our roundup of 10 of these appliances to make up your mind. Since one can set you back a good amount of money, you cannot afford to buy blindly.

Here are 10 gas ranges made of stainless steel that you can buy with confidence. They have been carefully selected on different criteria but the chief one is that they meet the needs of a modern kitchen.

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

1.Samsung NX58H9500WS Stainless Steel Gas Range

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  • 30 inches
  • 5.2 cubic feet of cooking capacity
  • Has 5 specialized burners that cook at the same time

Samsung not only excels in the small consumer electronics, but simple research will show you that this steel gas range is ranked number in most resources. It is also easy to see why. It is made with high quality material and by this, we do not only mean the stainless steel casing. Other durable parts include the cast iron wok grate and the five sealed burners that generate a maximum of 18000 BTUs of heat.

This is a self-cleaning gas range. The grates are leak proof and the stainless steel looks as good as new many years later if you clean it well. Avoid using scouring powders and cleaners that can cause abrasion.

There is a drawer for keeping your food warm. This is powered by electricity, so you will not be consuming your gas when you need to keep food warm. You get two big, high heat front burners, one on the left and the other on the right for fast cooking.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict:  There is no doubt that the Samsung NX58H9500WS is a high quality gas range that meets the needs of many homes. The oven is large and has several racks that make cooking for a big family easier. You can turn on the self-cleaning cycle for this unit to clean itself.

2. Kucht KRG3080U/LP-S Professional

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  • 4.2 cubic feet of cooking area
  • Stainless steel in silver color
  • 4 burners with different heat ranges

 When you get into your kitchen to cook for your family, do it like a pro with the Kucht KRG3080U stainless steel gas range. It offers enough cooking capacity for a small business or for your home kitchen.

You can cook different types of food thanks to the different heat ranges. For example, out of the four gas burners, two have 12000 BTU’s capacity, one has 18000 BTU’s and the other one has 15000 BTU’s. The last one also doubles as a simmer burner. Therefore, you can cook your food at a super boil or bring it to simmer depending on what you are cooking.

You also get a convection oven with 22,000 BTU’s and a broiler that has a heat output of 15000 BTU’s. That is just about enough cooking options that anyone can expect from any gas range.

You also get some convenient features with this gas range. First, you can change your cooking pot from one burner to another without having to lift it. The electronic ignition also ensures there are no gas leaks. However, when there is no power, you can still light the gas burners using other means to cook your food.

You get high quality knobs that are silver in color to match the rest of the range. The burners are sealed, leak-proof and cleaning them is so easy.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: This is a professional quality gas range so you can be sure that when you buy it for your home kitchen, it will last a long time. It has one or two design faults, but it works incredibly well and offers a lot of cooking space.

3. Thor Kitchen Gas Range

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  • 4.2 cubic feet of oven capacity
  • Drip pan made of porcelain
  • 5 burners

 When you get to use this gas range, you will agree that the name Thor befits it amply. After all, the fictional Thor that we know from the movies is resilient and very efficient. The same applies to this range. It has a lot of cooking space with 5 burners, both discharging heat at varied capacities to meet all of your cooking needs.

The good thing with these burners is that they can bring your food to a fast boil or down to a gentle simmer when you need them to. The 30-inch 5 burner design with the strong stainless steel chassis is made to retain its superior form over a long time.

You can boil, roast or even fry your food on different burners depending on your needs. The burners have different heat outputs with one doing 18000 BTUs, one for 9000 BTUs, 4000 BTU’s, 8000 BTU and 6000 BTU’s.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: Thor makes several types of cooking appliances. This one is resilient and it offers the user several cooking options. Whether you bake, broil, boil or fry, the food comes out perfect in taste, texture and color.

4. Cosmo COS-965AGFC Gas Range

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  • 5 sealed burners
  • High quality metal knobs
  • Timer clock in the touch display

 This is considered a performance gas range because of its features. It can fit in a residential or a commercial kitchen and the availability of 5 burners on the 36-inch cooktop brings some versatility into your kitchen.

If you care about looks, get this gas range. It comes with a refined stainless steel exterior and the metal knobs are made of stainless steel to complete the look. However, it  not only looks good, but it also performs incredibly well with the two 6900 BTU semi rapid burners, 17000 BTU three ring burner, 8200 BTU burner and a 5000 BTU burner. To make your cooking experience even better, it has cast iron grates that help enhance the heat distribution and retention.

Inside the oven, you get 3.3 cubic feet of cooking space. It is further divided into the top burner and bottom burner. The top burner is used for broiling meat to your desired taste and tenderness while the bottom one is used for making cakes and roasts.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: This gas range is a good fit for residential as well as commercial kitchens. It has a stainless steel casing and knobs for durability. For safety, this range’s oven has a cooling vent so you can let your food cool a bit before you can remove it.

5. Frigidaire FFGH3054US

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  • 30-Inch 5 burner cooktop
  • Continuous cast iron grates
  • Responsive touch pad

 There is quite a lot to write home about the Frigidaire-FFGH3054US stainless steel gas range. First, it comes with a well designed continuous grate on top. That way, you do not need to lift pots from the top when you are changing from one burner to another. The stainless steel casing is easy to clean and it does not corrode. Frigidaire is one of the renowned appliance makers in the world and you can see why when you look at this gas range.

There is a quick boil burner for boiling water fast. For the other burners, you can crank them up to the maximum temperature depending on what food you want to cook. For the foods that need really low temperature, for example, when you are melting butter or chocolate, there is a slow cooking burner than can do as low as 115°F.

From the oven, you will get 5.0 cubic feet cooking capacity. Preheating the oven takes a minimal 5 minutes and you can bake your food on the top or bottom rack. Cookies come out perfectly and cakes bake consistently and evenly. Meat roast on the bottom rack comes out perfectly.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: With five burners that you get with this cooktop, you can make your meals faster and to the desired quality and flavor. You should watch the broils though because there is an intense hot spot at the center of the broiling burner that can burn your food.

6. Bosch HGI8054UC 800 Gas Range

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  • 9 cooking modes
  • 4.6 cubic feet of oven capacity
  • 30-inch 5 burner cooktop

 With the good looks and the nicely positioned controls, this is a good range to buy for your home or business. You do not have to reach over the heat to adjust the burner. There is a digital display where you can feed in the temperature settings for the oven. Besides, the oven also has a light that enables you to see inside and check the progress of the food as it cooks.

There are three steel grates, which allow you to slide pots and pans across from one burner to another, rather than have to lift one from the fire. The heat output of the burners cuts across a wide range. Thus, when you want to boil water fast, there is a high heat burner for that. When you want to melt butter, there is a low heat burner for that.

Bosch has designed this gas range with 9 cooking modes, which practically covers almost any type of food that you may need to cook at home. There is boiling, broiling, roasting, convection baking, non-convection baking and other modes.

In addition to the burners and the oven, there is another very convenient feature – the warming drawer. You can keep your food warm in the drawer. For this, the gas range uses electricity.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: In your home, you always have to cook different foods in differently sized pots. The Bosch HGI8054UC 800 will meet all of your cooking needs. Whether you love broiling your food or convection baking it, this cooktop meets all those needs.

7. 30-Inch GE Café CGS986SELSS Gas Range

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  • 5.6 cubic feet oven capacity
  • 30-Inch 6 burner cooktop
  • Wireless control on smartphone through WiFi

 If you would like a smart gas range that you can control with your smartphone through WiFi, get the 30-inch GE Café CGS986SELSS. While many people consider this a so-so feature considering that cooking is a very active experiment, it is a good idea to include some tech in range.

This is also a good looking gas range that adds a refined look to any kitchen. There are sound alerts that let you know when the range does a certain function. For example, when preheating the oven, you will get a sound alert when it attains the set temperature.

You will get six burners and many cooking modes. Whether you want to cook by boiling, broiling, baking or slow cooking, this range meets all those needs. There is a small, responsive touch pad at the top for entering certain settings for cooking. 

This is a pricey gas range, but from the features, the good looks and the cooking ability of this gas range, it is a good investment for your kitchen.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: This is a easy to clean and heavy duty gas range in the market. If you want something smart (wireless) like controlling from smartphone, GE Cafe CGS986SELSS might be perfect for you.

8. 36-Inch ZLINE RG36 Professional 6-Burner Gas Range

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  • 6 burner cooktop
  • Oven racks have ball bearings for easier sliding
  • Self-clean feature

 The main feature of this gas range is the deep oven with the ball bearing for racks to slide in and out easily. You can cook a lot of food in the more than 4 cubic feet of cooking space that you get in the oven. At the same time, you also get high quality front controls. They are positioned in a safe, easy-to-access place on the front. The range has stainless steel control knobs so durability is assured.

You get different cooking modes on the burners. For example, there is the 4200 BTU simmer burner and there is the high heat 18000 BTU searing one. Whatever kind of food you may want to cook, there is an option for it. You also get a cast iron grill so you can grill your food.

The self-clean feature is very effective. The stainless steel exterior and the porcelain top should also be easy to keep clean all the time. The oven door is made of insulated glass with three layers. In the oven, there is a light to make it easy to check the progress of your cooking.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: The features, the durability and the classic looks of this gas burner range seem to match the high price. With professional installation, this appliance should last many years of cooking and baking.  

9. Cook Rite ATSP 18-1L Single Stock Pot Gas Range

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  • Three-ring burner
  • Independent controls for two burners
  • 80,000 BTU heat

 With the ability to give you a heat output of 80000 BTU, this is a super cooker. Three ring burners have been installed back to front. You can increase the heat output or reduce it depending on what you are cooking. If you are using a smaller stock pot to make broth or stew, you can use the inner burner. The outermost burner is wider so it can be used with larger stock pots.

 When you want to boil water fast, use the cooker. Apart from that, this appliance is also stylish and refined. It is designed for use with a stock pot. A stock pot has straight walls, is wide and it has handles on both sides.

The bottom, sides, front and rear of this gas range is made of stainless steel. This makes it easy to clean. It also has a drip pan below the controls. It is removable so you can keep checking it from time to time to clean any spills.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: Small is nice as you will see with the Cook Rite ATSP 18-1L gas burner range. Despite the size, it delivers high performance cooking because of the high heat output. Please note that it requires to be connected to a ¾-inch gas supply line.

10. Atosa ATO-48G2B Gas Range

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  • 2 burners
  • 2 big ovens
  • Griddle grill located on the left side

 This is a high quality stainless steel gas range. It comes with two open burners and two ovens for your baking, roasting and other cooking needs. The front, bottom and the sides are made of stainless steel. Therefore, the Atosa ATO-48G2B range is easy to clean and with good care, it can retain its timeless look for a long time.

There is a drip tray right under the burners so that it can catch all the grease drips and any other liquid spills. You also get a 48-inch griddle top for broiling your foods such as toast. There is also the griddle burner that has a heat output of 27000 BTU. The burners have 25000 BTU output while the oven has 27000 BTU. You can bake foods within temperature range of 175 to 550°F.

The oven interior is made of enamel. It is easy to clean and it is grease-resistant. There are also oven racks that can be set in different positions. This versatile gas range can cook different types of food.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: The Atosa ATO-48G2B gas range is one of the very best in the market. It is pricey but the features justify the price. You can fry, grill, roast, boil, broil and bake different delicacies using this range. Because of the double oven feature, you can cook a lot of food at the same time.

Best Stainless Steel Gas Ranges Buying Guide

Buying a befitting gas range is a daunting experience. If this is your first time to look for one, or maybe you would like one in the future but you do not know what to look for, read this short buying guide.

Safety and usability

Safety is paramount in the kitchen. Many appliance makers incorporate one or two safety features. Check for auto turn off feature that will turn off the gas once your food is cooked. Of course, you would have to set the cooking time on the touch panel.

Usability features include things such as dual ovens, as we have seen in the Atosa ATO-48G2B gas range. This can allow you to make more food at the same time. Other convenience features include things like self-clean, griddle plate, adjustable legs and burners with different heat outputs.

Perhaps another usability feature that we can mention here is continuous grates that enable you to change your pot from one burner to another without lifting the pot.

Size of the gas range

One of the benefits that gas ranges are known for is their ability to fit in small spaces. They are a combination of oven and cooktop. However, you still have to consider the size of the range that you would like to buy.

Most of them start at the size of 30 inches. They can have 4, 5 or 6 burners and up to 2 ovens. If you can spare the space in your kitchen, look for a range that measures 36 inches, has 6 burners and has big oven with three or more racks. Of course, we even have bigger gas ranges but if you are buying one for your home, make it medium-sized.

Heat output

Measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), the higher the better. More heat means more power and faster cooking time. However, because you will not always be cooking fast-cooking dishes, you also need an appliance that has variable heat outputs.

Ranges come with high performance burners for broiling food, boiling water and of course, roasting or baking food. Depending on your needs, you may get one with as high an output as 80,000 BTU, but make sure you need such power.

A range with 4000 BTU, 5000 BTU, 6900 BTU, 8000 BTU to 27000 BTU for the oven is good enough for your daily cooking needs.


Because this article is about stainless steel ranges, you need not worry about the looks of the range too much. Stainless steel goes well with different types of décor in the kitchen. If you have a dark countertop, you could get a range with a dark, powder-coated finish.


Here, we mean that a range with stainless steel control knobs is likely to be more durable than one with plastic knobs. Strong legs (adjustable if possible), high quality drip tray and many other features can show you how durable a gas range is.


Price is a big consideration when you are buying gas ranges. Some of them cost even more than $3000 and some cost even less than $1000. However, never compromise on quality because of the price. It is better to pay more cash and get more features than pay less and get fewer features.

FAQs for Best Stainless Gas Ranges

I have seen many reviews mention sealed burners. What is this?

This is a burner with a cap positioned over the middle area where the flames come out on a burner. The main reason for having a sealed burner is to prevent small food particles from getting inside the burner. Sealed burners are easier to clean than the unsealed ones.

What do you mean by a slide-in range

A slide-in range just means that the controls are in the front side, easy to reach without having to go over the flame or anything. Check for a gas range with a flange on the sides, which lies on the countertop. It prevents food particles from getting into the gap between the counter and the range.

What does BTU mean?

This stands for British Thermal Units, which means the amount of power that your stove gives out. Usually, for the gas ranges, you will find that their BTU’s run in their thousands. We say the higher the better. The reason for this is because the number of BTUs given is usually the power that the stove gives in one hour.

Unless you are buying an appliance to use in a restaurant, coffee shop or other commercial settings, you do not need very high BTU settings for your home cooking needs. A range of 4000 to 18000 BTUs is enough for your home cooking.

How does a gas range work?

Because it uses gas as fuel, this range has to be installed by a professional so that it can be connected to your homes gas line.

Once it is connected, open the gate valve and the gas mixes with oxygen, which makes it combustible once you ignite it. The gas is directed to the cooktop, to the burners. To light it up, you will need to create a spark by turning the igniter knob. You can also control the amount of gas going into the burner thus effectively reducing or increasing the power depending on your needs.


After reading our reviews and buying guide for 10 of the best stainless steel gas ranges, you can now spend your money wisely. This is a worthwhile, long-lasting investment and it will transform your kitchen in a big way. You can change the way you make your food at home, or in your food business with high quality gas ranges.

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