Best Portable Gas Stoves Reviews in 2020 (Reliable Collections)

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1. Gas ONE GS-4000P

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The well-made GS 4000P has a maximum BTU of 12,000. The oven sets a gold standard with its dual fuel injection, which also makes it one of the most versatile camping products. Built with aluminum, the stove is super light and easy to carry. So, whether you are camping or hiking in the mountains, you can take it along. 

The Gas One GS-4000P has a Piezoelectric ignition system, so you don’t need a match stick or lighter. It comes with a cartridge ejection system that denies the butane canister if an irregular gas flow/pressure is detected. It has a gold-plated body that has raised walls and an additional round windshield to protect the flame from unfavorable weather. 

The push to turn knob is heat resistant, and the unit also has a locking mechanism for a butane cartridge so that you can use the stove safely. You can use the dial to control the flame that comes out of its cast aluminum burner. To use propane fuel, you have to connect its included propane adapter



Our verdict:  If you need a flexible oven that’s lightweight as well as stylish, choose the GS-4000P. Its variety of useful features will improve your cooking experience and also keep you safe.

2. Coleman Gas Camping Stove

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Coleman has been manufacturing ubiquitous camp stoves since your grandparents used to go for camping trips. This gas camping stove from the brand is no different. It has up to 20,000 combined BTUs. Both the adjustable burners maintain a low flame, which is perfect for some scrambled eggs or soup. Its build quality is also exceptional, so it will last for many years. To add some years to its life, keep the stove clean. 

The Coleman gas stove has PerfectFlow technology, which provides steady heat for improved cooking, even on high altitudes, harsh weather, and low fuel. Then comes its PerfectHeat mechanism that ensures complete combustion to consume less gas. Then there are side panels to protect the flame from the wind. When you have a large pan, the panels can be adjusted or folded so that you can use the stove as a side table. 

Using a single 16.4-ounce propane cylinder, the stove has a runtime of one hour. A fuel canister is not included, so you need to purchase it separately. 



Our verdict: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, these are the meals everyone needs. The gas stove from Coleman is built with two burners that can cook almost anything according to your eating habits. Choose this if you love to go on small adventures with your friends.

3. Coleman Portable Bottletop Camp Stove

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This single burner stove from Coleman has various useful features that will enable you to cook anywhere, even in intense situations. First is its PerfectFlow technology that provides you stable and consistent flame throughout the cooking session. Then it has PerfectHeat, which consumes less fuel and makes it efficient. The cooking power of this Bottletop stove is 10,000 BTU. At such high energy, a furnace is supposed to consume more gas, but not this one. Its burner is also comparatively small but does a great job. 

This stove support pans up to 8 inches. The burner and base can be separated from the fuel bottle. Thus, you can easily carry it along in a backpack. There is an adjustment knob for the burner so that you can use the required level of heat according to the cooking item. To make the process even more safe and convenient, it also has wind baffles to protect the flame and burner. 



Our verdict: The Bottletop camp stove is portable and easy to use. There are many useful features like PerfectHeat and PerFect flow that makes it a perfect addition for your next camping trip.

4. Iwatani ZA-3HP Portable Butane Stove Burner

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The ZA-3HP produces a BTU of 12,000 that is sufficient for stir fry and other cooking patterns. A stylish appearance, efficient operation, and longevity; these are the three features that give the Iwatani stove a place on this list. 

Burner, removable drip tray, and grate; everything is made of aluminum. With all these components, this stove is suitable for pans up to 12 inches. Built with safety, the oven has an advanced regulator design with pressure sensing ability. Whenever there is instability inside the fuel canister, the regulator automatically switches off the flame. 

Iwatani Za-3HP has a piezoelectric igniter, which means it never needs a separate lighter or even battery. When you rotate the dial, a ceramic near its burner throws a spark that eventually ignites the fuel. The mechanism is reliable, safe, and convenient.



Our verdict: If you need an inexpensive Japanese portable stove, we would recommend the Iwatani Za-3HP. You can use it in many circumstances wherein you do not have access to regular cooking tools.

5. Gas ONE Stove GS-3400P

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Our next contender, GS-3400P, comes from Gas One, a name that you must be familiar with now. Let us tell you the most fantastic feature of this stove; it runs on both propane and butane. You only have to connect the provided converter regulator to use it with a propane canister. 

GS-3400P comes with Piezo Electric Ignition, so it doesn’t need a lighter or match stick to fire up. Turn on the dial and it will light up automatically. The flame adjusting knob is very helpful while cooking various items on a camping night. 

Talking about safety, the Gas One stove has a Pressure Sensor Cartridge Ejection System for propane and Gas Flow Cut Off Mechanism for butane. In both mechanisms, the furnace will eject the cartridge if it notices any change in pressure.



Our verdict: Coming from an established brand, GS-3400P has multiple features that are helpful while you are on the move. It’s portable, safe to use, and it looks good. If you want to make an outdoor evening unique or you want to cook something special on the heights, choose the Gas One stove.

6. Coleman PowerPack Propane Stove

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The sixth recommendation packs some real power. At 7,500 BTU of cooking power, the PowerPack stove is ideal for outdoor cooking. This product uses propane, so its flames remain steady, and you can cook your meals faster. Moreover, it consumes less fuel due to its Perfectheat technology. 

This propane stove has an aluminized-steel cooktop and a significant 3-inch burner that can accommodate pans up to 12 inches. Its nickel-chrome grates are removable for easy packing and cleanup. There is also a standard knob to adjust the heat from simmer to boil.

Whether you are planning to visit a campsite or going for a picnic, the single burner propane stove is a suitable cooking solution. Using a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder, the furnace can keep making tasty dishes for three hours. The propane cylinder is sold separately. 



Our verdict: If you like to go on adventurous tours on weekends, then you can try the PowerPack stove. It’s lightweight, portable and has a powerful cooking ability to prepare anything that you like.

7. GasOne Single Burner Outdoor Stove

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The single burner outdoor stove from GasOne deserves a place on this list because of its power and useful features. It has a cooking power of 200,000 BTU, which is very high compared to other products on this list. At such heat output, you can cook almost anything on the move.  

Made of cast iron, the unit and its burner can emit a high level of heat and also withstand high temperature. You might notice the paint chipping because there is nothing in this world apart from metal that can stand against a heat output of 200,000 BTU. 

The stove is lightweight at 21 pounds, so it is easily portable. Three metal legs keep the stove stable. It has an adjustable air valve to control the consumption level of oxygen or gas. For propane connection, the stove has a pressure regulator with a hose. The outdoor oven comes pre-assembled, you can use it out of the box.



Our verdict: If you are fond of fishing, cooking in remote areas, or camping, then the GasOne stove can be the perfect option for you. It has a high amount of power to prepare anything that comes to your mind.

8. Bayou Classic SP10 Pressure Cooker

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The SP10 Pressure Cooker from Bayou is constructed with steel. With legs wide apart, this unit is stable and supports utensils up to 14 inches, which is comparatively higher than other variants. To provide a low center of gravity and added stability, it has a height of only 13 inches. 

This Cooker comes with a 10 PSI pressure regulator, control valve, and a 48-inch stainless braided hose. The flame is adjustable, so you can use it according to your requirements. Moreover, a full windscreen protects the fire as well as your meal. 

Whether you need an outdoor propane stove for commercial and residential purposes, the SP10 fits the bill. It gives you the facility to use a wide variety of pans and other utensils to cook anything that you would like to have on a camping trip. 



Our verdict: Fried fish, Sausage egg, or French toast, what would you prefer on your next camping trip? If you need a portable cooking solution that has the power to dissolve any stock, choose this pressure cooker.

9. REDCAMP Portable Backpacking Stove

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This portable stove from Redcamp brings complete comfort while cooking and helps you maintain your diet plan, even on the hills. With this stove, you can enjoy nature with a well-cooked breakfast. Its 3500W strong firepower can satisfy all the cravings to enjoy fish, crabs, or noodles while on a camping, hiking, or rafting trip.  

No one can deny the fact that there is a unique flavor in fishes that you catch and cook near the rivers. Well, for that, you need a stove that can work closely with your food and make your trip even more happening and “tasteful”. It has the power to boil one liter of water within five minutes. Now, you can imagine the fire punch it holds. However, it has a fuel adjustment knob that can adjust the flame according to the purpose. 

Redcamp stove has a Piezo Ignition and windproof shield to protect the flame from harsh weather. This mobile kitchen has foldable supports, so you can take it anywhere. It supports pans up to 8 inches, which is lower than the other variants that we discussed today. It’s the only reason we marked it down on the ratings.



Our verdict: Easy to use and carry, this backpacking stove remains true to its name and gives you a lightweight cooking solution while you are sitting in a camping site. Anyone who loves to spend time with nature can purchase this affordable cooking gear.

10. Bayou Classic SQ14

Are you looking for a stove that can be used in a patio, lawn, or garden, especially when you are not in the mood to sit inside? Weighing 19.2 pounds, the SQ14 can be the right product for you. Whether you have to use it outdoors or you want to carry it on a car trip, SQ14 is up to the task. Another reason to purchase this moderately priced unit is its utensil support, which is up to 16 inches. 

Made of high-quality steel, SQ14 has a height of 12.75 inches. This stable structure accommodates a 6-inch burner made of cast iron with high rungs. These rungs efficiently distribute the heat so that you can enjoy evenly cooked delicious meals. It includes a 10 PSI regulator and a 36-inch braided hose. 



Our verdict: If you are getting tired of using ineffective portable grills, then it’s time to invest in a cooking solution that accommodates utensils of any size and gives you complete control over your food with an adjustable knob.

How to choose the most suitable Portable Gas Stoves?

Invest in a portable gas stove for your family outings or your camping trips. You can purchase a portable gas stove for numerous other reasons. However, you should follow some criteria to select a high quality and useful gas stove. Some of them are mentioned below.

Budget: Portable gas stoves are available with different price tags. To buy an efficient cooking solution within your budget, you should decide on an affordable price range. As you must have noticed, we have discussed options with different cost categories. You should choose one that suits your pocket, after considering other functions and features.

Heating power: The intensity of heat generated by a gas stove is its power or cooking output. Measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU), it should be sufficient to take on all the food items you want to eat. With BTU, you should also check whether the stove is efficient or not. Sometimes, a furnace consumes a lot of fuel to generate high heating power, which is not beneficial on the move. 

Number of burners: Stoves use burners to generate heat used in preparing meals. However, the number of lamps depends upon the make and model. So, you should find an option that has a sufficient number of burners according to your requirements. Keep in mind that the footprint of a stove will increase the number of heaters. 

Fuel type: As you must have noticed, the portable gas stoves we discussed today use propane and butane. Match the fuel type that’s affordable and readily available for you. Some of the compact stoves like Gas ONE GS-4000P support both propane and butane. So, you can invest in similar cooking solutions if you want added flexibility. 

Ignition type: Burners require ignition to start the cooking process. There are multiple ignition mechanisms available according to the model and brand. However, we would recommend matchless ignition that never requires an external object to initiate the fire. For example, Iwatani ZA-3HP has a Piezo ignition system, which is one of the best for camping and other outings, because you do not have to carry a lighter or matchstick.

FAQs about Portable Gas Stoves

How much should you invest in a portable gas stove?

Portable gas stoves are available in many dimensions, weight, and features, so their prices vary. Starting from $20, these compact cooking tools go up to $350. However, you can purchase a good one at around $80. The best example is Gas One GS-400P. 

Which fuel type is best for camping stoves?

Camping stoves burn two types of fuels, butane and propane. Both of these perform well outdoors and are less affected by adverse weather conditions. To satisfy your camping needs, you can consider any of the two fuels, depending on the other factors.

Can a camping stove be used indoors?

You can. However, there should be sufficient ventilation because propane and butane generate a high amount of carbon monoxide. And yes, you will be able to prepare meals faster inside a room because there will be no wind to disturb the flame.

Is a portable gas stove safe?

Fire and gas are not good at the same place, if not configured properly. But if you correctly use a portable gas stove, it is safe. Moreover, the manufacturers follow high safety standards to ensure that their products are safe for you. So, follow the included instructions, use the right fuel, and fit it appropriately to avoid unwanted incidents. 

Where can a portable gas stove be purchased?

The best place to browse and purchase camping products like a portable stove is Amazon. You don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule to visit the marketplace. Moreover, the product will be delivered to your doorstep. 

How long does a portable gas stove last?

Depending upon the quantity of fuel and its type, a portable stove gives you anywhere between one to three hours of cooking time. 


We have discussed all the details about the ten best portable gas stoves available to purchase. Now, all you have to do is use the provided information to pick a useful one for yourself. Narrow down the choices according to your budget and requirements. 

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