10 Best Omelet Makers Reviews in 2020 (Editor’s Choice)

Can you turn away from a well-prepared omelet? Well, none of us can. It’s a tasteful consumable the has earned a respectable place on the breakfast table all around the world. You can enjoy an omelet any time of the day or night. And why not? It’s delicious as well as nutritious but takes time and some hard work to prepare. When it comes to flipping an omelet, even the experienced ones fail. It’s the reason why you need one of the best omelet makers so that you can enjoy such a healthy meal at your will.

1. Holstein Housewares Omelet Maker – HH-0937012SS

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The omelet maker from Holstein Housewares prepares two omelets at the same time, which makes it a suitable purchase for large families. What’s more? It can cook them within 10 minutes. So, whether you need a quick breakfast in the morning or you want omelet making equipment for the restaurant, this electric kitchenware is an ideal product.

Once this omelet maker reaches cooking temperature, it lets you know through an indicating light. All you need to do is pour the omelet mix in both the compartments and close its lid. The omelets come out in a unique petal shape. Due to its proper heat distribution and efficient cooking, you can enjoy a fluffy, tasty, and thoroughly cooked omelet.

This breakfast maker has a non-stick internal coating that provides you with easy cleanup. However, we recommend you spray its compartments with a light layer of oil. It is compact, so you can easily use it in small kitchens and with low countertop space.



Our verdict:  Suitable for professionals who need to leave early in the morning for the office. Also great for families with up to four individuals.

2. Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker – DEC012AQ

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Eggs are one of the most preferred breakfast by most of us, but there are chances that you might overcook or undercook them while cooking an omelet. This is where the Dash DEC012AQ comes into the picture and gives you multiple ways to enjoy eggs. Whether you like soft/hard-boiled eggs, a poached egg, or an omelet, it can do it all.

This egg cooker is easy to use. Fill the required amount of water in its metal pan, prepare the omelet mix and pour it on its bowl. Cover the cooker with its lid. Once inside the cooker, you don’t have to flip the omelet or check the eggs whether they are boiled. It steams the eggs for a certain period depending on the dish you want to have. Once the cooker is done, it will let you know via a loud buzzer. 

DEC012AQ holds up to 12 eggs and comes with a single power button. It uses water to cook the egg. It comes with a measuring cup, poacher tray, egg holder tray, and omelet bowl. You also get a recipe book and access to a database containing endless instructions that you can follow, especially when you are in the mood to try something new. It is made with plastic and covered under a one-year warranty.



Our verdict: A suitable purchase for busy professionals and large families who love to have eggs for breakfast. It’s also great for people who want to try new egg recipes.

3. TECHEF – Frittata and Omelet Pan

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If you are a novice omelet maker, then take a close look at the Techef pan. This hinged cookware makes omelet making easy. It might take some practice initially, but once you master the process, you will be amazed at what this pan is capable of.

The Techef omelet pan is sturdy and can withstand constant daily usage. Due to the Teflon coating, you will never find any burnt or sticky substance on its surface. It’s safe in the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can be cleaned inside a dishwasher. The stainless steel double-riveted handle on the pan remains cool and allows for an easy flip. We all know that flipping an omelet a difficult task, but not with this product. 

As a cook, you can also try a variety of omelets with different ingredients. Apart from making omelets, the pan is also useful for preparing tasteful Italian frittatas. If you are a beginner, you will simply love the Techef omelet pan.



Our verdict: If you need a hinged omelet pan that will make breakfast preparation easy, then this Techef cookware is a suitable option.

4. George Foreman Evolve Grill System Omelet Plates – GFP84OP

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Are you looking for an omelet plate that can work in grill systems? Then we’re positive you’ll stop your search after having a look at the Evolve Grill by George Foreman. It’s specially designed for homeowners who own a George foreman evolve grill or anything with similar dimensions. 

This omelet plate can cook three omelets at the same time, which means it’s a great addition for large families. Moreover, you can try three different egg mixes depending on your mood, recipe, and available ingredients. What makes it lovable is the non-stick coating that makes cleaning the plate very easy. Apart from that, there are a couple of cool to touch handles, so you can cook serve and clean the product without any trouble.  

George Foreman omelet pate is a moderately priced kitchenware, you can easily fit it into your monthly budget. What makes the omelet plate priceless is its ability to cook omelets without oil or butter, which is healthy for you.



Our verdict: If you own a George Foreman Evolve Grill, then this is the best omelet plate you can own. It makes three at a time, so it’s a suitable purchase if you have a family of three or four.

5. OXO 11185600 Good Grips Microwave Omelet Maker

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Preparing omelets in a microwave is convenient. With one of the best omelet makers, it becomes easier. Oxo Good Grips is one of those kitchenware that readies a healthy omelet without taking much time from your busy mornings. You would love its simple and spacious design that enables it to accommodate up to three egg mixes. 

The first factor to notice is a very simple build. Due to its open design, you can easily place and remove the egg mixes, then omelet, respectively. You can also fold the omelet maker if you need to steam some vegetables. The folding ability can also be used for folded omelets. 

Good Grips gives you an easy way to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Steam some veggies using its folding ability, add the egg mix and put it back in the oven and wait for the omelet. Its rounded corners prevent overcooking, so you will enjoy a fresh and tasteful omelet. Don’t forget to add some cheese while you fold the omelet when serving.



Our verdict: Perfect for individuals living alone and even better for homemakers with kids. Quickly cooks an omelet for the busy individual and also helps working women prepare their kid’s breakfast.

6. Lekue Omelet Maker

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Today’s next contender completes the omelet making process in an innovative way. The Lekue omelet maker is a little different because it uses no electricity or gas. Instead, it uses an oven to turn your egg mix into an omelet. 

This silicon made foldable omelet maker can be used with any microwave or kitchen cabinet. As there is no cable or handle attached to it, it can be quickly and easily cleaned. So, it’s a perfect addition for small cooking areas. 

Lekue omelet maker is perfect for health-conscious individuals because it uses no oil at all. All you get is a fat free and nutritious breakfast, which is far better than fried consumables. We understand that there are no fancy features like indicating light and all, but look at the price and small footprint. If you have a taste for healthy omelets, then the Lekue omelet maker could be the answer to all your breakfast dilemmas.



Our verdict: This product could be the answer to the prayers of bachelors across the world. Students, office goers, professionals, and individuals who live away from their families can enjoy a great breakfast using the Lekue omelet maker without stress.

7. Dash Omelet Maker

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What do you like for breakfast? Omelets, paninis, or some frittatas? Don’t be surprised on our question because the Dash omelet maker is a fantastic kitchenware that can prepare a wide range of breakfast recipes and other food items for you. It’s comparatively smaller than the other variants, but due to efficient cooking, ease of use, and versatility, the Dash maker stands as a strong candidate for your house. 

Preheat the maker, an indicator will let you know when it’s ready. Pour in the mix, close the lid, wait for another indicating light, and you’re done. That’s how easy it is. Within a few minutes, the Dash omelet maker cooks any egg mix thoroughly for a delightful taste and texture.

Buyers who are looking for reliability and easy maintenance should not overlook the Dash omelet maker because of its durable design and non-stick coating that makes cleaning very easy. Due to a compact design, this omelet maker can rest anywhere on kitchen cabinets or stand on the countertop. The Dash kitchenware looks stylish when in use and when in storage.



Our verdict: Ideal for bachelors who want to keep their breakfast interesting. Also great for homemakers who want to cook a wide range of food items for their kids or family members.

8. Nordic Ware 697801 Microwave Omelet Pan

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Your kids and family members will love the Nordic Ware omelet pan because it easily accommodates two to four egg mixes and cooks them fast. Due to its simple design, the pan is very simple to use, even beginners can use it. For better assistance, the product also includes clear instructions about its usage. 

The microwave omelet pan is easy to use. All you need is a couple of eggs, some milk, and desired toppings. It needs no oil or butter, but you can add cheese on the omelet, especially if you are cooking a cheat meal.

The omelet pan cooks great omelets for you within minutes. All thanks to it even heat distribution and retention. It’s durable and dishwasher safe. Moreover, it uses BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic. Hence, its safe for you and your family. You can use it for many more years to come without worrying about anything. To get any help you can contact the manufacturers because it’s covered under a warranty of five years.



Our verdict: The Nordic Ware omelet pan is an affordable option for individuals who enjoy egg recipes, especially omelet. If you need a quick and healthy breakfast, that also without lighting a gas stove, then this one’s for you.

9. Happycall Nonstick Double Pan, Omelet Pan

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The vibrant red appearance of the Happycall omelet pan looks attractive in most kitchens. It has a decent height of 2.25 inches, which means the pan is suitable for two individuals. Once together, the pan traps all the heat energy and distributes it to cook tasteful omelets for you. 

Apart from eggs, you can also use the double pan to prepare fish, bacon, roasted vegetables, frittatas, and much more. Unlike most omelet pans, the Happycall cookware retains the moisture content of fish, egg, or other components to give you a juicy dish. All thanks to its silicon gasket, the pan never makes much smoke and gives you tender eatables. Also, it has magnetic handles that give you better control and also help the silicon seal to work better. 

Due to a splatter-free design, the double pan never creates a mess in your kitchen that might become an added task for you. The product lacks PFOA, BOA, or any other toxic materials and is dishwasher safe. So, you only need some eggs, the required ingredients, a stove, and the Happycall double pan will do the morning trick.



Our verdict: Happycall double omelet pan is an error-free method of making omelets. It’s also well versed in cooking many other items like fish. So, it’s suitable for egg loving families who also happen to like fish and vegetables.

10. Better Chef IM-477R Omelet Maker

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Do you want to cook amazing omelets in your kitchen? Try the Better Chef IM-477R that comes with two cavities to contain the omelet mix. It’s a well-made kitchenware that you can rely on to treat you to delicious omelets.

Due to a professional build, IM-477R cooks faster than other variants, it’s also very easy to clean. Its two cavities are large enough to accommodate two egg mixes in each of them. So, it’s a suitable addition for working couples. Within minutes, it gives you the best start to your morning, offering you a healthy breakfast. Take a glass of milk or juice and you are good to go till lunchtime. 

Thanks to its smart design, IM-477R never loses its cool. So, you can manipulate the omelets, if or when needed. It’s two cavities are coated with a non-stick layer for the effortless removal of residuals. So, no matter how many omelets you enjoy, cleaning will never be a tough task with the Blue Chef cookware.



Our verdict: If you are tired of having a “destroyed” omelet only because you were unable to flip it properly, then IM-477R might be a suitable choice. A couple of cavities gives you tasteful omelets without frying pans.

How to choose the Best Omelet Makers?

Before you choose any omelet making cookware, make sure it suits your requirements and has all the features you need. So, check the following factors and then choose accordingly. 

How many servings can an omelet maker can prepare at once? For those who have four family members, more is always better. However, the price might increase with the number of servings. If you live alone, then a cookware that can prepare one or two omelets will work fine.

We all want a multipurpose cookware in the kitchen. Purchasing a wide variety of appliances is a bad idea as they will crowd your cooking area. So, look for an omelet maker that can also assist you while cooking frittatas, fish, vegetables, or sandwiches. It becomes necessary when you have kids in the family. Kids are always diverse in taste. So, you should be ready with a kitchenware that can give you the worth of its occupied space. 

When you use a utensil to cook, you have to wash it. An omelet maker that’s tough to clean will be ignored after initial uses. Even if a cookware saves you time while cooking, but needs a lot of time and energy for cleaning, it’s a bad investment. So, read reviews and choose an option that has a non-stick surface. Always remember, you are investing in something to be of help, not an extra task. 

No matter who you are, a homemaker, professional, business owner, or student, mornings are meant to be the busiest part of the day. This is why cookwares like omelet makers exist. Still, you need to spend some time making your delicious omelets, so look for something that is quick and makes tasty omelets at the same time.

Advanced features:
As you must have noticed, some of the models come with an in-built switch, indicators, and timers to let you know the preheat and cooking status. If you need such features, you can choose to pay some extra bucks. If not, then you can always try the basic models.

FAQs about Omelet Makers

How do I take care of an omelet Maker?

Clean the omelet maker regularly, especially after cooking. It will prevent any buildup of leftovers that can be tough to remove when dry. Do not stretch it beyond its capacity. If the omelet maker is meant for two eggs, then don’t overload it with three egg mixes. Finally, you should store the cookware at a safe place away from extra heat.

How do I use an omelet maker?

All omelet makers are not created equally, so their operation is also different. However, the basic always remain the same. The first step is  to prepare the omelet mix using onions and other ingredients according to your taste. 

  • Open the lid of an omelet maker and wipe it with a soft cloth. You can use oil or cook without it, depending on the model. 
  • Fill the egg mix inside the cavity. Do not overfill. 
  • Adjust the settings on the microwave and omelet maker.
  • Place it inside a microwave or on the stove.
  • Let the maker complete the cooking process, which might take up to five minutes.
  • Take out the healthy meal and serve. Make sure you clean the maker afterward. 

Can an omelet maker keep the omelet warm for a few minutes?

Yes, omelet makers can keep your breakfast warm for up to three minutes.


Don’t let your work turn you off from enjoying healthy and delicious homemade breakfasts at home. You can have a delicious omelet using any of the above-given options. All the models are very straightforward to use and reliable in the long run. 

So, if you want cookware that can give easy and quick servings without taking much out of your pocket, choose one of the best omelet makers that we discussed today.

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