10 Best Milk Nut Bags to Purchase for Your Kitchen In 2020

The nut milk bag is a versatile kitchen product that works best when you have to take out some nuts and pulp off its milk. Apart from that, you can also use it for straining juice and making nut cheese. Such a fabric works as a protector for eatables, especially cheese and other dairy products. You can also use a nut milk bag for sprouting and make some tea or coffee in the morning. These are the reasons why we think you should know about some of the best nut milk bags that can be helpful in your daily breakfast and after workout intakes.

1. Ellie’s Best Pro Quality Nut Milk Bag

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Made of 200 microns BPA nylon mesh, the Pro Quality nut milk bag from Ellie’s Best is one of the great solutions when you need to filter some nuts out of its milk. It’s available in a pack of three and five, so you can purchase and keep separate bags for a different purpose.  

Ellie’s Best produces excellent nut milk bags for your kitchen. Following the same line of products, these pro-quality bags are made with a wide opening and rounded corners to eliminate any mess while using it. Due to its shape and design, the nut milk bag gives you more squeezing area for quick and better results. 

All thanks to its superior construction, you get pulp-free and frothy milk for your breakfast. It does the trick in a single pass, so whether you want some nut milk, juice, or coffee, you don’t have to filter any of them twice. This bag is not only versatile, it is also durable. So, you might not have to invest in similar products anytime soon.



Our verdict:  Recommended by professionals, Ellie’s Best nut milk bags are suitable for families who want to enjoy homemade almond or coconut milk, smoothie, and juices. All tasteful and healthy because they are hygienic as well as well made.

2. Commercial Grade 2-PACK Best Nut Milk Bags by GoNuts

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GoNuts is a reputable manufacturer of commercial as well as residential grade nut milk bags. This 2-pack nut milk bag is also a best in class commercial-grade product that never complains, no matter how much you use it. Able to finish various recipes, these bags are made of high-quality nylon that never disturbs the aroma of milk, smoothie, or any beverage. All thanks to its 100-micron mesh, it produces the finest nut milk. You will never notice any unpleasant smell from the nut milk or almond milk filtered from one of these bags. 

Apart from helping you with homemade nut milk, these bags are also useful in making smoothies, tea, coffee, and juices. Due to its multipurpose applications, you can take the bag on outdoor trips so that you can enjoy healthy and tasty drinks even on the move. It’s easily washable and reusable due to its round corners, so you can keep using the bag for a long time. 



Our verdict: Do you prefer homemade almond milk and juices? Then the dual pack bags by GoNuts can be great for your kitchen, especially if you have kids in the house.

3. SCENGCLOS Nut Milk Bag

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Whether you need a quick solution to make some glasses of nut milk or you’re going on some outdoor trips, the nut milk bag by Schengclos is an affordable solution. Made of unbleached cotton cheesecloth, you will not find any traces of nylon or polyester in the bag. Due to its high quality build, you won’t encounter any problems while straining cheese, milk, or other beverages and eatables.

The nut milk bag is made of food-safe materials that are non-toxic and make sure that you are living a healthy life. Due to its stitching work, the bag remains durable and easy to use. If you need a convenient solution to extract pulp from milk and strain tea or coffee, then the Scengclos bag is the best. 

These milk bags make you free-flowing and tasty beverages or juices. You can easily store the bag in one of the backpacks or suitcases when you need to go out for a camping trip or picnic. You can also use it in your office during presentations or meetings to make coffee available for your team members. Overall, the Scengclos bags are not only comfortable and easy to use but also save you time in the morning and during important official or business meetings. 



Our verdict: Get rid of synthetics from your kitchen by using a nut milk bag made with cotton cheese. It is great for homemakers who want quick, easy, and pure nut milk without any hassle.

4. Bellamei Nut Milk Bag Reusable 3 Pack

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You can adhere to a healthy lifestyle by choosing chemical-free products. The Bellamei Nut Milk Bag comes without any harmful materials that can pollute your beverages. Easy and convenient to use, this pack of three milk bags gives you a great example of quality and takes you towards a relaxing lifestyle. To help you understand better, let’s talk about some of its features in detail. 

Bellamei nut milk bags are built with BPA-free Italian Nylon Mesh; they have an FDA food safety certification to prove this. So, they give you perfect results every time you want to take out some pulp from a pot of nut milk. Due to its super-fine mesh made of 200 microns, the bag gives you fine nut milk that you can enjoy in the morning for a fresh start.

Let us give you some details about its design. These nut milk bags have double reinforced stitching that makes them tear-resistant and long-lasting. Due to their U design, the liquid passes through the bottom very easily without any residue. Moreover, you can also clean them easily.



Our verdict: Beer, juice, tea, nut milk, juice, and much more, this nut milk bag by Bellamei is a multipurpose kitchen product that everyone should purchase and keep. These bags are helpful in multiple scenarios, hence you will find use for them pretty often, especially in the morning.

5. My Best Nut Milk Bag 2 Pack with Recipe Book

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The multipurpose nut milk bag by My Best Nut Milk Bag is one of our top recommendations because of its high-quality food-grade nylon mesh. Due to its strong build this milk bag never stretches or loses its strength, no matter how many times you squeeze or stretch it. When you need to extract some creamy milk from nuts, it gives you the right level of froth.

Apart from extracting nut pulp from milk, you can also use this nut milk bag to produce high-quality yogurt. It never allows any whey to slip, so you can also use it to collect seeds from blended fruit or use it while making smoothies. 

Further uses include sprouting, drying herbs, and filtering your morning coffee or tea. You will be happy to know that it easily strains the best goat and cottage cheese. This nut milk bag is easy to clean due to its design; large, multipurpose, with need for minimal maintenance.



Our verdict: You get a set of two multipurpose food-safe nut milk bags at the price of one. So, it might be a great purchase for homemakers who prefer homemade nut milk or cheese for better nutritional value and taste.

6. Meshberry Nut Milk Bag

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The perfect size for a nut milk bag is 12 x12 inches, because at such dimensions the bag will fit almost all the bowls in your kitchen. Made of 200 microns BPA-free nylon mesh, the Meshberry bag has the same size and is safe for food materials. As it’s made of the best quality material, you will get what you need to restore your energy levels. 

Do you like your soya milk or nut milk creamy? Off course, the answer is yes, we all love that. What you need to do is increase the amount of nuts but reduce the water level. Due to an excellent design and quality build materials, this bag does the trick to give you creamy as well as tasty nut milk. 

You can make smoothies, tea, and juices as well. So, when you need to make these beverages in large batches, you can try the Meshberry nut milk bag and it will never disappoint. Apart from making soft drinks, you can also use the bag to strain grated cauliflowers. Similarly, you can also strain beetroots, carrots, sprouts, etc. As it has a robust build, you can use this bag for a long time without worrying about bacteria or moss. 



Our verdict: Perfect for homemade cottage cheese and strained milk, the Meshberry nut bag is best for individuals who like creamy nuts or coconut milk. As it’s a cost-effective product, you can purchase multiple bags without a big dent in your budget.

7. Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

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High-quality design and premium build are the two factors that secured this cotton nut milk bag by Organic Family Products a place on this list. One of the easiest ways to take out the pulp from nut milk, this milk bag is easy to use and makes no mess. Enjoy healthy and delicious nut milk using this organic cotton bag, which is one of the best options when your kids are craving tasty beverages. What’s more, it’s even easy to clean.

Made of earth-friendly material, the bags are tested under busy conditions. So, the makers have already determined to give you a quality product. This is why this bag is not only great for almonds, cashew, and coconut, you can also use it to filter tea, juice, and coffee. You can also use it to strain yogurt, cauliflower, and much more. 

What makes the Organic Cotton nut milk bag special is its ability to handle boiled items. All thanks to its unbleached cotton that never melts at high temperatures. So, you can also use it to strain washed grains, cereals, chicken, fish, and other food items. 



Our verdict: Great for buyers who need a nut milk bag that’s not only great for their health but also the environment. Even the packaging is made with recycled paper. If you care for the environment and also want a tasty and nutritious drink to start your morning, then this is the milk bag you can try.

8. EcoPeaceful 12"x 13" Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

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The nut milk bag by EcoPraceful is manufactured in the USA and is of high quality. Made of organic material, these bags are one of the safest and durable products that you can purchase to strain multiple items. However, the most important factor is their commercial build quality. So, even if you are using these bags in a restaurant, they won’t fail you even after prolonged use. 

EcoPeaceful nut milk bags stand as one of the best nut extraction products because they are made with 100 percent organic cotton. There is no plastic or synthetic material, not even in the stitching. 

How is it beneficial to you? Polyester and nylon are made of thin fibers that might fray into your eatables. So, accidentally you might end up with some microplastic elements in your body. But the situation is different when you use organic bags by EcoPeaceful. 

These milk bags have a very tight structure that give excellent results while filtering tea, coffee, juices, and of course nut milk. Moreover, there is a drawstring and a couple of silicon bands provided with the bags. You can use one band to secure and close the bags tightly, while the other one can be used for miscellaneous applications. 



Our verdict: Plastic affects the environment and life negatively. If you want to change your lifestyle by including organic products in your kitchen, then the nut milk bag by EcoPeaceful is a suitable option.

9. Nutiana Nut Milk Bag

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The professional-grade Nutiana nut milk bag is made of food-safe nylon, which assists you while making a lot of healthy drinks. Its build materials are BPA-free and have no toxic contents that can be harmful to your body. If you decide to try the high-quality Nutiana bags, it will not disappoint.

Strong stitching and round bottom are the two other features that prove helpful for you in the long run. The durable stitches keep the bag together for a prolonged service and you can easily clean it due to the round base. You only have to flip the bag and rinse it with water. 

Furthermore, it creates no mess while filtering because of its smooth base. These are the factors that make this bag suitable for making multiple eatables or drinks.

The nut milk bag has a double-reinforced build, so you can squeeze it to take out the last drop of milk without any compromise. This bag also comes with a reusable package that keeps it safe when not in use. We recommend you wash it in warm water after use to make sure there is no pulp or waste left



Our verdict: If you want to have a fresh and healthy breakfast every morning, then the Nutiana nut milk bag is something you can try. Whether you need sprouts, nut milk, or some smoothie in the morning or after a workout, this bag is great for you.

10. Things & Thoughts Amazing Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag

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There are a variety of nut milk bags that you can try, but you might not feel the required level of aroma and flavor in the beverages. This is why you should choose one of the best nut milk bags like the ones produced by Things & Thoughts. Due to their organic cotton build, these bags will never release any harmful contents inside your drink. 

Things & Thoughts Amazing Organic bags have a double-stitched base that makes them durable and extra strong to be used on all straining and filtration tasks. Their extra-large 12 x 12-inch size never allows any pulp to pass. Primary use remains the same, which is to make tasty and healthy nut milk. However, due to their versatile nature, you can use these bags for multiple beverages.

You can use the Amazing Organic cotton milk bags for homemade almond, cashew, or coconut milk. Especially when you are in the mood to try something new because the bag comes with a free email subscription to recipes. All these recipes are prepared by professional chefs as well as handpicked homemakers. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund right away.



Our verdict: If you love nut milk and want to enjoy it in a healthy style, then you might include the Amazing Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bag in your shopping list.

How to Choose the Best Milk Nut Bags?

You need to check a few things before you add any of the nut milk bags to your cart.

Build quality:
Why do you want to use a nut milk bag in your kitchen? Because you want to make healthy homemade drinks and enjoy the nutritional benefits of nut milk. It’s obvious that you would not like harmful chemicals in your diet. So, try to choose bags made of organic materials like cotton. Food grade nylon is also great and easy to clean. 

Consider the amount of milk you’ll need to strain at once. If you have a large family, then you will have to filter the contents in batches. No one would like that. So, choose a nut milk bag that’s appropriate for your needs. Also, look for a drawstring that allows you to store the nut milk bag with its contents. It’s a small but very important feature you should look out for.

Some of the nut milk bags are delicate and might burst while in use, which is a waste of money. So, you should choose a bag after seriously considering its build quality. Look for a bag with double stitching that never comes off no matter how hard you squeeze it. However, if you always have to, follow the right straining technique so that you can use a nut milk bag without tearing it apart. 

Easy cleaning:
Some of the nut milk bags come with a rounded bottom that makes their cleaning easy. You only need to flip these bags inside out and rinse them with hot water. So, you should prefer a bag with a rounded base, which also results in mess-free filtering or straining. 

Nut milk bags that are available in V shapes are easy to insert inside bottles. On the other hand, rounded ones are convenient to use over a pot and are also very easy to wash. Choose one of them depending on your filtration style.

FAQ about Milk Nut Bags

What’s the process for using a nut milk bag?

It might take some time for newcomers, but regular homemakers can finish the process within a few minutes. 

  • Soak the required amount of nuts in some glasses of water for 5 hours. If you are preparing one cup of nut milk, then add 3 or maybe 4 cups of water. Make sure you use filtered water.
  • Blend the water and nut mixture for 30 seconds. Place and spread a nut milk bag over any pot. 
  • Pour the mixture over the bag and wait for some time for the liquid to drip. 
  • Squeeze the bag to take out any added liquid. Serve it chilled after keeping the milk for some time inside a refrigerator. 

Uses of a Nut Milk Bag

  • It can be used to strain brewed coffee or boiled tea.
  • If you don’t have a juicer, you can use a blender and then a nut milk bag to filter the liquid.
  • It can be used for sprouting, instead of investing in other solutions.
  • It can be used as a herb strainer by individuals who like to add a particular green to their drinks.
  • It can be used to strain out cheese.
  • It can be used for straining yogurt.
  • And of course, you can use it to make nut milk, cashew milk, and almond milk


You should purchase a nut milk bag that’s durable, versatile, and has sufficient capacity to filter everything you need to filter. All the options that we discussed today are some of the best nut milk bags available to purchase in your region. 

You can try any one of them depending on your needs, you’ll surely get a smooth and chunk free glass of nut milk or any other juice you like. If you want to start weight management training or fitness improvement programs, then a nut milk bag is a great purchase for healthy and cost-effective drinks at the comfort of home.

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