Best Knife Rolls Reviews and Buying Guide in 2020

You cannot imagine a kitchen without knives. Can you? What if you need to carry them somewhere else? Yes, it’s common for professional chefs to carry their own set of knives that can handle decorative garnishes as well as large pieces of meat. Arriving on a set with your own knife set also gives you a great sense of pride. 

You need a knife roll to safely carry your knives with you. This is why we’ve collected the best knife rolls so you can take a look at all of them and choose what suits your needs. 

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

  • Best overall: Noble Home & Chef – Chef’s Knife Roll Bag
  • Best high end: Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag
  • Best price value: Noble Home & Chef – Chef Knife Bag
  • Best inexpensive: Messermeister 5-Pocket Nylon Padded Knife Roll

1. Noble Home & Chef – Chef’s Knife Roll Bag 14 Slots

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Our first recommendation is a high-quality premium knife roll crafted with durable 600 Denier Canvas. This knife bag can store 15 tools, including 10 knives up to 18 inches in length. There is also a meal cleaver pouch, so it can accommodate 11 knives in total. Then it has a slot where you can store testing spoons or small accessories

The Chef’s Knife Roll Bag has a travel-friendly design with a sturdy handle. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap that helps you to easily carry the roll. There is an added slot where you can tag the roll with your name and also keep some of your business cards for easy access. Due to strong metal zippers and an adjustable strap, this knife bag is efficient at keeping knives safe.



Our verdict:  Suitable for chefs who want to carry several knives, as well as some taste spoons. It’s durable, travel-friendly and has a premium look that’ll give you a stylish entry at any cooking show.

2. Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag

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Handcrafted using high-quality buffalo calf leather, the knife roll by Aaron Leather Goods is durable due to its strong stitching. It has a vintage style and that’s what separates this storage bag from the crowd. It stores 10 knives and kitchenware like knife sharpener or scissors and has 4 additional compartments to store small tools. Overall, it gives you plenty of storage to carry all your cutting tools so you can have all you need to do a great job.

This knife roll can accommodate knives with a maximum length of 18 inches. All the internal pockets are stretchable, so you can store any of the knives you need on the move. Whether you need a serrated, paring, or chef special knife for your next cooking activity, you can try this knife bag that can securely and effectively store all the knives you need. 

A carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap are the external components that make it portable. The storage bag comes with a warranty of one year and you can get it replaced in case you discover a defect within the given duration.



Our verdict: It might be suitable for professional chefs and beginners who are learning the art of cooking. Due to plenty of space, it accommodates a variety of tools and remains durable as well as stylish for a very long time. All thanks to its high quality build and sturdy stitching.

3. Noble Home & Chef – Chef Knife Bag 8+ Slots

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The chef knife bag from Noble Home & Chef is “noble” when it comes to quality and trust. This brand seems to know all the needs of culinary students, traveling chefs, and cooking enthusiasts. It’s the reason why this knife bag meets the requirements of these professionals and appear as a suitable option at a reasonable price.

Noble Home & Chef Knife bag holds up to 8 knives with a length of 18 inches. There is an additional pouch for a meat cleaner and another mesh pocket to store small cooking accessories like taste spoons. Four additional slots are also there for small items. Above all, it has a covered slot to hold your knife sharpener, so that you never have to use an exhausted blade. 

Built of long-lasting 600 Denier Polyester Canvas, this knife bag has a name identification holder on the external part. You can use it to store your business cards. The bag has tough zippers that keep all the items safe as well as secure and gives you peace of mind while traveling.



Our verdict: The 8 slot chef knife bag is specially designed for professionals, but it also works great for culinary students. It comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport and strong zippers to keep its content safe and sharp for a long time.

4. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

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Do you want great chops on the move? Almost all professionals or inspiring homemakers will say yes. Then, try the Everpride Chef bag, one of the best knife rolls available to purchase. It keeps all your cutting tools safe from dirt and other external factors. You only have to make sure that all the items are stored neatly. 

The professional knife roll from Everpride accommodates up to 10 knives and 3 taste spoons or other culinary items. So, all your favoured instruments will find a safe spot in this stylish rolling bag. Yes, you need to make sure that none of them are longer than 18 inches. On the exterior part, you will find a carry handle that offers great portability. For added convenience, the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. A couple of buckles are also there that keeps all your tools at the allotted place. 

It doesn’t matter what you need knives for, work, camping, barbequing, or any other activity, this knife roll with cut and puncture resistant feature takes utmost care of all your tools. As it is a canvas made product, you won’t find any scratch on your knives.



Our verdict: If your chef forgets culinary tools at home, then gift him or her the Everpride knife roll that has enough space for all the edges. Its travel-friendly and resistant to external damage

5. Messermeister 8-Pocket Nylon Padded Knife Roll

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Our next recommendation comes from Messermeister, one of the most fashionable manufacturers of knife-related products. The 8 pocket knife roll is no exception, as it has a durable build comprising high-quality metal, YKK zippers, and 600 denier water-resistant nylon. The knife roll accommodates knives up to 18 inches and hence it’s suitable for both home-makers and professionals.

The luggage grade knife roll comes with an internal foam line that keeps all your items safe. The knife pockets are elasticized so that they can securely hold the knives and related items in place. Apart from the 8 pockets for knives, the bag also has 3 pockets for pen or pencils, 4 for business cards, 1 culinary tool pocket and another large compartment that you can use for miscellaneous items. 

High-quality YKK zippers are used in the construction of this knife roll. These zippers are long-lasting and remain functional for a long time. It has a padded nylon handle and also includes a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is attached to the bag with metal rings.



Our verdict: Are you a cooking professional who needs to travel frequently? Choose the 8 pockets padded knife roll made of high-quality materials that can withstand harsh conditions to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

6. The Ultimate Edge 2001-EDOWS Knife Case

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The Ultimate Edge is one of the most reputable brands because of its near-perfect products that shout quality and durability. Our next contender follows the same grounds and appears as an expertly built robust chef knife case with excellent functionality. 

The Edows 2001 gives you sufficient space to accommodate all the knives and other culinary tools required for your next on-site cooking. It is built with oil wax canvas that has 18 reinforced knife compartments and plenty of other zippered pockets where you can store other items. There is also a full mesh accessory storage area. Its reinforced stitching and water-resistant nature maintain the durability so that the bag can be at your assistance for a long time. 

Due to heavy-duty build material, the case safeguards all the knives and other accessories. What’s more? The fluid nature of this canvas changes its appearance as you use the case. The case comes with a padded carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap connected with D-rings. 



Our verdict: Edows is a full-fledged knife storage case that works great for professionals, especially those who need to take part in various cooking shows, competitions, etc. It gives you plenty of storage space for all your edges and also keeps them safe.

7. Shun Knife Roll

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The 8 slot knife roll by Shun is a remarkable product that protects your knives. Whether you are at work, in transit to reach a project site, at home, or in a restaurant, it’s designed to keep all your items together so you can conveniently use them when you need to. All the slots vary in design, which means they can accommodate a wide range of knives, including Nakiri, Santoku, and many more. 

Shun knife roll converts into a compact piece of luggage that’s easy to transport. All its internal pockets are laced with elastic straps that never allow the internal items to fall out of their place. There is an additional mesh compartment and some zippered pockets that you can use to store other items apart from knives. Once zipped, it also protects your valuable edges from dust and moisture. Velcro straps secure the overall items together and keep them tight to avoid friction. Its transportation is easy because of a padded handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. 



Our verdict: We recommend the Shun knife bag for culinary professionals, chefs who are on the move, and restaurant owners who want to keep their knives safe.

8. United Cutlery UC1183 Knife Roll

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One look at the UC1183 and you might instantly say “wow,” especially if you use small knives in your daily cooking activities. It can hold up to 50 modules; we are sure that will make you feel better. Available at a reasonable price, the knife roll from United Cutlery looks stylish and does the part without taking much out of your wallet.

UC1183 can carry 50 knives. But how can you be sure that all of them will be safe together? Well, there are separate elastic straps for all of them. So, you can put knives of different shapes and sizes in this roll. It is tough on the inside and on the outside. All thanks to it PVC build, the roll is not only stylish and looks spectacular on your shoulders, but it also protects your knives from moisture due to its water-resistant nature. 

The knife roll has a felt-lined interior that protects the knives. As all the blades are held tightly against the felt, they remain unaffected by friction and scratches while you travel. The felt line is soft, so it’s like the knives are resting without wearing out until you need them. 



Our verdict: UC1183 might be a great purchase if you need a wide variety of small knives during a cooking regime. Its available at a reasonable price, it looks stylish and has a comfortable interior that keeps the knives safe.

9. Noble Home & Chef – Chef Knife Roll Bag 6 Slots

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Most of us have known knives since we were kids, but we don’t have a solid knowledge of how to transport them from place to place. You cannot juggle them to the restaurant and back home while traveling. Can you? Well, it can be the sole reason why you should try the chef knife roll bag by Noble Home & Chef. It comes with 6 padded knife pockets and 3 additional compartments for taste spoons or any other related utensils. 

Apart from the nine slots, the knife roll bag also comes with a separate slot for knife sharpening steel. Then there is a polyester flap that covers all the knives to keep them dust safe. Finally, the bag folds up due to strong zippers that keep all the items together. On the exterior, you will find an identification tag or business card holder. Its handle and shoulder straps are adjustable for optimum portability. 



Our verdict: Whether you are a culinary student, professional traveling chef, or a regular office goer who wants to hit the camps and enjoy cooking at the riverside, the chef knife roll bag from Noble Home & Chef is great for you.

10. Everpride Chef Knife Roll Bag

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When you need to carry your knives, you want to give them the same care and respect they get in your kitchen. Because knives are not only a cutting material for a chef or professional cooking expert, they are also an integral part of the kitchen and a chef cannot continue his or her trade without this universal tool. This is where the 10 slot knife roll bag from Everpride proves it worth. 

The knife roll bag by Everpride can hold ten knives each with a length of 19 inches. To maximize protection and safety, it has straps that keep all the items secure. Apart from the ten slots, you get a mesh pouch for a meat cleaver. There is also a zipper pouch on its back that you can use to store scissors, knife sharpeners, tasting spoons, and other items. On top of that, there are three more slots that can be used to store small culinary items. The bag includes two knife sheaths worth 6 and 8 inches. 



Our verdict: Everpride knife roll is suitable for catering events, mobile chefs, cooking shows, and any other training or demonstration. Whether you are a camper, cooking aficionado, or simply a culinary student, you can take benefit of this durable bag that can hold a lot of kitchen companions.

How to choose the best Knife Rolls?

It’s important to consider a few factors before you purchase a knife roll. 

Build material:
What kind of bag do you need to store your knives? A lightweight and soft or sturdy but comparatively heavier version? This is one of the most important questions that you need to answer before selecting any of the knife rolls we discussed today. 

If you own a set of knives with more than 10 components, then we recommend you invest in a leather bag that can keep them safe and sharp for long. If you have a few edges and some other small accessories that you need at work, then a durable and lightweight polyester roll will do the trick. Keep in mind that a leather bag roll is always long-lasting than its nylon and polyester variants. 

Size of the roll:
Similar to the build material, the size of a knife roll also matters. An 8 pocket knife roll will not be suitable for 15 knives. So, know the length and number of knives or other tools that you need to carry. 

The appearance and aesthetics of a knife roll is important. Do you like a knife roll that resembles a backpack or something that you can carry in one of your hands? This might be irrelevant to some users, but the life of a knife roll depends on your usage and how you carry it. So, look for a product that suits your needs and style. Most of the options we discussed today come with an adjustable shoulder strap. Our suggestion is to choose one of them so that you can conveniently carry it in your hands as well as on your shoulders.

Consider price range as well, because there is no point choosing a knife roll that you cannot afford. In general, leather rolls are more expensive than their polyester, canvas, and nylon counterparts. That doesn’t mean that only leather made products are good. You can opt for any of the options that we discussed today, but the price should match your budget. 

FAQs about Knife Rolls

Why do I need a knife roll?

A knife roll is an important accessory for culinary students, professional chefs, and cooking enthusiasts who want to keep their tools safe while they travel. There is no other way to travel with knives because you cannot keep them in your backpack or suitcase. A knife roll provides a separate and secure storage area for your knives as well as some other belongings.

Can I dry clean the knife roll?

This is determined by the build material of your knife bag. Some knife rolls can be dry cleaned or machine washed, while several others need spot cleaning. So, read the description given on the roll before you drop it into the washer. If it’s not machine friendly, then you can use a soft brush to remove dirt and use a damp cloth to bring some shine. 

Can I iron a knife roll?

Read the included instructions manual to get a better idea about whether you should iron a knife roll or not. 

What is the benefit of using a knife roll?

Sharp knives are the foremost requirement for most dishes, and its always better to rely on your equipment, especially when you are newly hired at a restaurant. It’s the first benefit of a knife roll; it allows you to take some of your reliable tools along. It gives you a convenience to carry all the sharp items without making them dusty or damaging their edges. Everything in a stylish package, which also allows you to tag an identification card. 


Any of the options we discussed will give you a pleasant experience. If you find any confusion while making a selection, you could go for Noble Home & Chef – Chef’s Knife Roll Bag. It’s constructed from high-quality durable canvas that will last for long. Then, the bag has 15 slots for knives and other cooking items. So, it has plenty of space to accommodate all your edges, even if you are a professional. 

If you are not limited to a budget, then the Aaron Leather Goods Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag is also a great option because of its long-lasting build and stylish appearance. 

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