10 Best Humidifier for Allergies in 2020 [Editor’s Pick]

Investing in a humidifier can be beneficial if you’re suffering from an allergy. Inhaling humid air will relief typical allergic symptoms like watery eyes, running nose, sore throat, congestion, and unwanted inflammation? Moreover, the mist coming out of a humidifier will moisten the nasal tissues and soothe them, so you can quickly expel allergens and irritants from your nose for improved breathing.

Today, we have rounded up some of the best humidifiers for allergies. They are all highly rated products that will give you relief.

1. Ucareair Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 200 square feet.
  • Tank size: 0.5 gallon (2 liters).
  • Working time: Up to 25 hours.

An ultrasonic humidifier from Ucareair is a perfect addition for your bedroom. It has a 0.5-gallon tank that keeps it running continuously for up to ten hours. Due to its ultrasonic nature, this electric moisturizer is very quiet and hence never disturbs you while sleeping.

The Ucareair humidifier has two settings – low and high. So, you can change mist direction and quantity according to your comfort level. As the device covers up to 200 square feet, you can use it anywhere in the house or office. It is also equipped with an auto shut-off mechanism once the water level is low. But why wait for the shut down when you also have a light indicator for low water level.

Moreover, it’s a filterless unit, you won’t have to invest on any screen in the future. This device comes with a 60-day money-back trial period. It’s also covered under a replacement warranty of 365 days. 


  • Keeps you fresh. 
  • Helpful for a better sleep.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Relieves flu symptoms.


  • Some of them tend to leak.

Our Verdict: An affordable and compact unit for sensitive individuals who want to sleep undisturbed. It’s silent, so it can also be used in office premises. 

2. Pure Enrichment PureZone Air purifier

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Coverage area: 200 square feet.

If you are sensitive to noise and you’re looking for a quiet purifier for your small bedroom, then PureZone from Pure Enrichment is the right choice for you. However, if you need something for large areas, skip this option because it’s only beneficial for up to 200 square feet. 

According to our air cleaning tests, PureZone was able to remove more than 99.97 percent of allergens from a small room. All thanks to its triple filtration HEPA screen, dust mites, pet dander, and unpleasant odors can’t survive inside your house. This device is nearly silent in a low setting. In the medium and high level, it emits a low-pitched sound which is not at all irritating. Working at low sound levels adds to the value of this device because you will not be disturbed even if you sleep close to it. 

Setting up the purifier and using it is a breeze. There is a simple control panel that has touch buttons for speed settings, power, and automatic timer. This device also has an automatic shutdown feature. It’s nice to know that it will power off automatically, even if you forget to switch it off. 


  • UV C light to destroy germs and harmful bacteria.
  • 30 dB sould level.
  • Energy efficient.


  • Only suitable for small areas.

Our verdict: PureZones does not have any extraordinary quality apart from being super quiet. If you have a budget of up to $100 and you prefer silent machines in your house, you can invest in it.

3. TTLIFE Ultrasonic Humidifiers

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  • Coverage area: 750 square feet.
  • Tank size: 1.45 gallons (5.5 liters).
  • Working time: 40 hours.

If you want to enjoy both cold and warm veils of mist, then TTLIFE Humidifier could be a great choice. It features an ionic generator that purifies air for an area up to 750 feet. There is an option to change the moisture levels. Furthermore, this device also has an LED that displays the real-time humidity level of your room. 

This versatile humidifier has three mist levels, a remote control to change them, and an aroma box for your preferred essential oil. It runs for up to 40 hours using its 1.45-gallon water tank. Ionic filters fitted inside the device works effectively but need frequent replacement after a few months. 

Whether you need a humidifier to purify your indoor air, improve sleep, or relieve allergies like dry throat, bloody nose, and dry skin, this ultrasonic humidifier from Ttlife fits the bill.


  • 12-hour timer. 
  • Kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and mold.
  • Humidity display.
  • Aroma box.


  • Not easy to use.

Our verdict: Looking for a quiet and multifunctional humidifier that gives you complete comfort and relieve from throat dryness and other allergies? Then go for the Ttlife moisturizing machine that has dual mist mode, three levels for the moisture, and a remote control to change all the onboard settings.

4. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers

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  • Coverage area: 550 square feet.
  • Tank size: 1.32 gallons.
  • Working time: 40 hours.

An ideal option for your bedroom, the cool mist humidifier from Homasy covers up to 550 square feet with the help of its 5-litre water tank. The water refilling hole is at the bottom. 

With a tank full of water, it runs continuously for 40 hours, so there is no need to refill the tank repeatedly. Moreover, it weighs only 3.05 pounds, so you can easily change its location from one room to another. However, the unit doesn’t have a handle.

This humidifier is quiet and can be easily used in your kid’s room. To provide you with clean and hygienic air, this device also has an active charcoal filter. It produces nano water molecules that keep your skin moist, smooth, and healthy so you can feel fresh.


  • Sound level below 25 dB.
  • Runs for up to 40 hours.
  • Emits skin-friendly water molecules.


  • Difficult to refill and clean.
  • No handle.

Our verdict: if you want an affordable and quiet humidifier for your living room or sleeping area, Homasy gives you a suitable option. This easy-to-use device keeps allergens away and also maintains the smoothness of your skin.

5. Aprilaire 500 Whole House Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 3000 Square feet.
  • Tank size: 12 gallons.
  • Working time: 24/7.

Welcome to the first contender on this list that covers an area up to 3000 square feet. Aprilaire humidifier can keep the whole house humid, not only one room. For the same reason, it requires a significant amount of water. However, this device drastically improves indoor air quality, not even a drop of water is wasted.

Designed with dual sensors, this humidifier displays both indoor and outdoor temperatures. Thus, you can easily decide the moisture level. There are light indicators that inform you when to refill its water tank or increase the humidity level. Even though the unit covers the whole house, it never adds to the utility bill.

It connects to the heating system of your home and uses the existing air. This is the part where you might need help because the wiring is tricky. Apart from the installation, this device is easy to operate, all thanks to its digital display and the knob that changes humidity level.


  • Covers the whole house.
  • Light indicators.
  • Digital display helps in setting moisture level.


  • Difficult to install.

Our verdict: It is an excellent choice for someone who wants comfortable breathing all over the house. Its digital display and indicators keep you informed about every related measurement while the knob takes care of the rest. 

6. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 500 square feet.
  • Tank size: 1.6 gallon (6 liters).
  • Working time: 50 hours

The Everlasting Comfort humidifier prevents airborne allergens that can cause respiratory troubles and also eases the symptoms of flu and cold. An oil diffusing chamber is another excellent feature that this allergen killer possesses. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are naturally helpful with coughs and sore throats. Many other oils change or stabilize your mood. So, you can try any of those with this device. Having an oil diffuser is a big bonus. 

Sleek and stylish, this cool mist humidifier is suitable for modern houses, especially houses with large rooms; it keeps the moisture level above 43 percent for up to 500 square feet. The standard is excellent to maintain your health and allergen immunity. You can change the mist level using a knob. The highest it can get is 270 ml per hour, using the water tank that holds 6 liters of water. Set the moisture intensity to your desired level, switch on the light using its button, and enjoy a comfortable sleep. 


  • Meets the highest safety standards.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Economical due to filter-less design.


  • Not easy to refill.

Our verdict: Great for small or medium-sized dorms, offices, or bedrooms, the Everlasting Comfort device packs enormous power and also offers tranquility. The featured oil diffuser and mist level knob work well and give you value for your investment.

7. Geniani Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 200 square feet.
  • Tank size: 3 liters.
  • Working time: 48 hours.

Made to be used easily, the egg-shaped Geniani cool mist humidifier comes with protruding legs for extra stability and a carrying handle. The unit is constructed with antimicrobial material which is similar to the material used to pack eatables. Its 3-liter water tank prevents any bacteria growth and makes sure that you get pure and healthy air to breathe.

Auto shut down features and the ability to run for 48 hours are the other useful features of this device. So, no need to get up in the middle of the night to refill the humidifier. There is no filter in it, so we recommend using filtered or distilled water for improved performance. 

The Geniani electric moisturizer comes with a 360-degree rotating nozzle that emits moisture in a couple of directions. It has a dial which can be used to change the mist level. If you need a night light, the tank has a blue shine.


  • Easy to refill.
  • Filter-free.
  • Meets the highest safety standards (ETL).
  • Made of anti-bacterial materials.


  • Works only with filtered or distilled water.

Our verdict: Built with anti-bacterial material, the Geniani cool mist humidifier is easy to use, quiet and has an auto shut down mechanism. It’s perfect for buyers who don’t want to spend much on a moisturizing machine but need a device that can help them breathe easily. 

8. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 250 square feet.
  • Tank size: 0.4 gallon. 
  • Working time: 16 hours.

We tested the Pure Enrichment MistAire humidifier and discovered that even with a small water tank, it runs for up to 16 hours. Aesthetically pleasing, the device looks like a water droplet that can fit in any corner of your guest room or sleeping area. It’s a quiet device when operational, so there will not be any disturbance whether you are sleeping or watching TV. 

MistAire is very easy to assemble, especially if you follow the included instructions. Separate the base tank, open its lid, fill it with water to the required level, attach the cover again, and put the bank to its base. It’s very simple. If you want the moisturizer to work at a high level, push the power button a few times and it’s done. It’s simple to use, but you can’t know the settings just by looking at it. To give you a hint, it starts at low. 

In the working mode, the power button of MistAire shines blue. Also, there is an option to light up the entire tank with blue; lights are not one of the core parts of a humidifier, but it still works as a night bulb. 


  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Automatic shut-off.


  • Confusing settings.

Our verdict: If you need a straightforward humidifier that looks simple and is easy to use, then the Pure enrichment Mistaire is one of the right options. It gets the job done and looks attractive as well. 

9. Pure Guardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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  • Coverage area: 150 square feet.
  • Tank size: 0.5 gallons. 
  • Working time: 30 hours.

The H940 comes with an impressive runtime of 30 hours using its small 0.5-gallon water tank. One of the best features is its Silver Clean Protection; a treatment on the tank’s surface to prevent mold, bacteria, and mildew growth. It makes sure that the resulting mist is free from all allergens. 

We recommend using distilled water in H940. Otherwise, it might emit while dusting. If utilized with filtered water, the humidifier makes indoor air pleasant for individuals with allergies, cold, or dry skin. It’s easy-to-fill water tank delivers 6 liters of moisture every day. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology of H940, it has a quiet nature. So, you can use it in your bedroom to get a comfortable sleep. H940 has a low water level indicator that adds to its value. It also has a light that can be used as a night bulb. 


  • Directional mist nozzle.
  • Automatic shut down when empty.
  • Three speed settings.


  • Not durable enough.

Our verdict: PureGuardian H940 is an excellent option for individuals looking for a moisturizing solution suitable for small rooms. It’s not in the league of powerful devices, but it gets the job done without taking much cash out of your pocket. 

10. Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free

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  • Coverage area: 500 square feet.
  • Tank size: 1 gallon. 
  • Working time: 24 hours.

Today’s last contender comes from Honeywell. Take a good look at its features and you will understand why Germ-free HCM350W is one of the bestsellers when we talk about humidifiers for allergies. The first powerful attraction is the coverage area, which is significantly bigger. It’s the reason why it also has better water carrying capacity. 

Honeywell HCM350W is capable of eliminating air pollutants in a very effective manner. According to our lab tests, it reduced the number of pollens, dust mites, dander, and other minute particles within minutes. To further enhance the allergen busting abilities of this device, Honeywell equips it with UV Technology. Due to this, the humidifier kills up to 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria, germs, and molds. So, you can be assured that the air inhaled by you and your family members is free from viruses and allergens. 


  • Low noise levels.
  • Significant coverage area.
  • Never emits white dust.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Lacks automatic shut-off.
  • Low water level indicator is missing.
  • The filter needs frequent replacement.

Our verdict: Affordable, durable, and reliable, Honeywell HCM350W is an ideal humidifier for individuals who want a hygienic and germ-free indoor atmosphere.

Buying Guide for Humidifiers

Maintaining the right moisture level is essential if you want relief from allergies. However, if you invest in the first humidifier you lay your eyes on, you might not enjoy the full benefits of a humidifier. So, make a short list of things that you expect from a humidifier. After that, start browsing for options and select one that suits you the most. Some of the features that can be helpful are discussed below.

Auto shut down:

Electrical appliances that require water to operate should never run empty. If it happens, the internal motor will overheat and eventually burn out. The best way to avoid such incidents is to purchase a humidifier with an auto-shutdown feature. Such a mechanism shuts down the machine immediately once the water tank is empty and hence protects you and your family from unfortunate accidents.

Water tank:

The ideal water tank differs according to the size of your room/house and usage. If you need a humidifier for a small room, an option with low water holding capacity will work. On the other hand, if you are targeting a more significant area or the whole house, you need a device with a substantial tank size. So, check the size of the water tank before you make payment. 

Sound level:

None of us would like to sleep in front of a shouting machine, especially when sick or resting. So, another crucial factor you need to check is noise level. We would recommend choosing a unit that works below 40 dB. Most of these devices go hyper when used at high mist levels. So, you can set it to the lowest while you sleep. 

Coverage area:

Humidifiers differ in terms of coverage area. Some are good for the whole house while others only work inside a particular room. So, your choice should depend on the targeted room or area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is white dust and how can it be prevented?

Drop-in sinks with an exposed front side is sold as an apron front or farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink is generally added to an existing cut-out crafted in a kitchen counter. Such tubs are usually significant enough to store water in one part and use the other side for different purposes, especially laundry and other kitchen activities.

Fireclay farmhouse sinks are the same structures, but they are handmade by heating clay at high temperatures. Once the clay and glaze are mixed and treated with high temperatures, the resulting product is a sturdy and rigid farmhouse sink.

When should a humidifier be cleaned?

Humidifiers hold water for extended periods, so they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. When an electrical humidifier is left unserved, harmful microbe will be produced and released, doing more harm than good. It’s the reason why you should follow the instructions manual for the cleaning process. Most manufacturers suggest that a humidifier should be cleaned once a week.

Humidifier or air purifier, which is best for allergies?

Air purifiers and humidifiers work hand in hand to make your life comfortable. Their functions are similar but not the same. If you need to remove pollutants from the air, then you can use an air purifier with a HEPA filter. It will eliminate particles from your room in seconds. If you want to add some mist to the atmosphere so that you can breathe smoothly, you should choose a humidifier.

Why purchase a humidifier?

Winters are the driest of all seasons, the dryness stiffens air quality and triggers allergies and unwanted damage to your health. However, if you have a humidifier at your place, you will be safe from any such occurrence. You can enjoy the following benefits as well. 

  • Keeps your skin moist and smooth. So, no dryness, itching, or painful cracking of the skin.
  • Keeps your eyes humid and saves you from unwanted irritation.
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory disorders, including bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold.
  • Relieves chronic allergies.
  • Keeps the room warm.
  • Maintains the excellent shape of your wooden furniture. 

Final Words

Whether you or any of your family members are suffering from allergies or you want some added comfort while breathing, you can invest in a humidifier for allergies. Whenever you battle your allergies, it will be on your side. So, take a look at all the recommendations, check the buying guide, and choose the model that suits you the best. 

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