Best Gardening Gloves Reviews in 2020 with Buying Guide

Are you searching for the best gardening glovesBeing a gardener, you always need a nice pair of gloves which is going to protect you from all the dirt, infections, and give you the maximum comfort level.

Gardening is one of the re-known hobbies and professions in today’s world. Hardly will you visit home and fail to cite a well-maintained garden. With just a small garden and total commitment to its care, you can never lack some vegetables to prepare for your family or visitors.

Again, many people across the globe practice gardening as their primary profession. They produce excellent foods and sweet smelling flowers for sale. That said, with a garden comes to the need for protective wears for better productivity and maximum safety. It’s for this reason that protective gears like gardening gloves have come up.

1. FirTree Leather Gardening Gloves Women’s and Men’s Sizes

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Common among many gardeners, this set of gloves is what you have been missing in boosting your productivity. By offering you maximum protection from any form of harm, you can now indulge in heavy duty operations and achieve the best results.

They feature a supportive construction style, are durable and deliver beyond their core purpose. They come from natural, enhanced goat skin which thorns and other harmful elements find hard to tear through.

Though tough, their overall construction is lightweight thus portable and comfortable to wear. The cowhide gauntlet sleeves included providing maximum coverage for reliable protection. Their uppers are breathable to maintain your hands comfortable and cool at all times.

They are easy to clean while their puncture resistant exterior makes them ideal for working in areas infested with splinters, poisonous thorns, and sharp rocks.



Our Verdict: These gloves offer a comprehensive account for the money as they as they are durable and offer maximum protection

2. Magid TE195T-M Womens Medium Gardening Gloves

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An experienced gardener must have heard and admired the Magid line of exclusive gardening gloves. This is just another model within the Magid collection of gardening gloves designed for ladies with medium hand sizes.

It comes from a puncture resistant and durable synthetic leather which signals its primary aim- serving you in the best way for many years. The reinforced finger and palm sections of these gloves facilitate their use of rough-surfaced tools in tackling heavy duty tasks.

The elbow-length gauntlets on these gloves are there to shield the forearms from cuts and scratches while one operates on thorny flowers or bushes. Their tight knuckle guards also offer protection from thorns.

Again, the form-fitting high-grade spandex on their backs flexes effortlessly for maximum comfort and therefore better performance.



Our verdict:If you are looking for sturdy gloves for heavy duty tasks in the garden, then consider this model By the Magid Company.

3. Bamboo Work & Gardening Gloves- For Men And Women

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If you are looking for unique, high-quality and reliable gardening gloves, then this pair by the popular Pine Tree Tools Company could be a wise choice. This set of gloves ranks among the best on the market so far due to its excellent design.

They are medium-sized, durable, and provide unbeatable hand protection from cuts and injuries without neglecting the user’s comfort. They feature a form-fitting design that makes them fit correctly on the hands to appear like an added skin.

Their breathable bamboo interior absorbs any occurring sweat and allows the hands to receive maximum air circulation for optimum comfort. Their manufacturer utilizes a natural bamboo fabric instead of leather in the quest to conserve the environment.

The bamboo fabric also eliminates the awful-odor-developing bacteria to maintain the gloves fresh and conducive to wear.



Our verdict: These set of gloves is ideal for use in light gardening operations. Be extremely careful while utilizing them in heavy-duty tasks to avoid tearing the rubber.

4. G & F 15226M Women’s Garden Gloves

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Are you a dedicated lady, disappointed by the development of bruises due to the use of rough tools in your gardening activities? Then, these gardening gloves by the re-known G& F Company are for you.

Search no more for high-quality, and high-performance gloves as these come with unbeatable quality. These gloves feature a medium size to suit people with average arms. They come from 100% robust nylon shells and an added nitrile coating for maximum dexterity.

Their form-fitting construction style facilitates easy wearing without reducing one’s productivity.



Our verdict: These gloves are all you need to perform exemplarily in the garden and perform heavy duty tasks without hurting your hands. Say no more to irritation and injuries with these exclusive gloves.

5. Simple & Timeless Fashionable Gardening Gloves

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Simple from the overall look, it hits many by surprise to realize that these gloves come from high-grade leather. This set by Simple and Timeless is an accurate description of what they do behind the closed warehouse doors. They are sustainable gardening gloves with a flexible and lightweight construction style.

They are ideal for use by both men and women. What makes them superior to other brands is that they are water-resistant. You can use them on wet surfaces. They aim at offering any worker optimum protection from injuries and cuts while planting or digging through rough grounds.

The elastic fabric interior and their lightweight nature are a plus to the comfort of the user.  Also, their ability to flex relieves the fingers and hands from any form of fatigue.



Our verdict: If you are a woman or man with medium hand size, then you will be lucky to utilize these gloves on any task. Any lady with medium-sized arms will find these gloves to be very useful in the gardens.

What Are Gardening Gloves?

Gardening gloves are special kind of gloves made to use in gardening work. People who want full protection for hands from dirt and germs prefer to buy gardening gloves. A good pair of gloves is always needed while doing gardening work.

Gardeners are prone to get injured for a sharp object in the soil, prickles, or caustic substance, blisters, sunburn, and minor bites. Gardening experience can be pleasant with a nice pair of gloves in the hand.

There are some people who have the problem of dry and chapped hand. A glove is a must be component form than as the soil makes the hand drier. Else, people who are concerned about the beauty of hands and nails know the importance of gardening gloves more than anyone.

Types Of Gloves

There are many types of gloves to choose from. You can choose the type needed for your work. A very beginner gardener even knows the importance of a gardening glove. There are varieties of gloves with different style and color. So, you have the full freedom to choose among them.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves are easy to get in a store and they are not even expensive. But there are some dark sides of cotton gloves. If you want something waterproof then it isn’t. Cotton gloves are lightweight and breathable.

These gloves are effective to protect hands from dirt, and blisters. But if you are searching for the waterproof protection then it’s not the right gloves for you. Cotton gloves are not waterproof.

So, you can’t get protection from cuts, pokes, and harmful chemicals. So, you will feel cool hands while working.

 Leather Gardening Gloves

Leather gloves are very comfy and larger. If you want to buy them, you have to invest a handful of money.  But, your money won’t go in waste. These gloves are enough durable, and strong for doing heavy duty gardening tasks.

While lifting something very heavy, you will be thankful to leather gloves for their special durable feature. Pruning tasks may always come in your way of gardening while you want to work in rose bushes.

So, these gloves are handy in those cases. Especially, if you are dealing with wire fencing frequently, then you are not left with any other way than choosing a pair of leather gloves. Sometimes, you may hurt your arms for pushing a wheelbarrow.

Hence, leather gloves will provide extra protection to your hands and arms from thorny bushes.

Rubber Gardening Gloves

Is it winter there? Are you enjoying monsoon in your region? Well, enjoying winter or monsoon is going to affect your gardening tasks. You can always enjoy gardening while it’s so cold or rainy out there.

Well, working in cold or damp soil may make you sick. To tackle out these conditions, you can prefer to buy rubber gardening gloves. These gloves are useful for locking out moisture to go inside and keep your hands feeling chill from.

Some rubber gloves users have complained of sweaty hands as these gloves are air-proof; so, your hands are tending to sweat. If you are determined to buy rubber gloves then make sure you are buying outdoor gloves. Outdoor gloves are more durable than indoor gloves.

Disposable gardening Gloves

Disposable gardening gloves are not specially made for gardening tasks. But, you can enjoy their specialty in your gardening task. You can throw them in the dustbin once you have used them. They are easily available at any pharmacy-store, grocery store, or online shop.

Stretchy/Spandex/ Lycra Gardening Gloves

These gloves are mostly made with cotton on the back. If you want something very durable, waterproof, and comfortable then these are the ideal one for you. Different-colored stretchy palms also come with these gardening gloves. There are some stretchy gardening gloves which are able to give sun-protection.

Why Use Gardening Gloves

As you have known the types of gardening gloves, so you can use them for the different types of work.  How to find the right pair of gloves for your gardening task is always a hassle. So, we are making this part easier for you.

  • If you own a very small garden and there are some light tasks to do then you can choose a pair of cotton gloves. Cotton gloves are most suitable for mowing and trimming.
  • People who own big gardening area with thorny bushes must need to buy leather gardening tasks for heavy duty work. Else, you can move rocks, damp soil, and handle tools precisely.
  • In the winter or rainy season, you need to use rubber gardening gloves to handle wet soil. To mix pesticides or fungicide you can get the full protection from the rubber gardening gloves.
  • You can use general disposable gloves for smaller tasks like planting, and welding.

Choose gloves According to Gardening Task

The primary role of gardening gloves is evident in everyday gardening operations. For instance, it could take more than a miracle to work on thorny plants without wearing some gloves.

Again, utilizing the various tools on bare hands will often result in bruises and calluses. These and many other reasons, make the use of gloves inevitable.

Facts You Need To Consider Before You Buy Gardening Gloves

Choosing the best gardening gloves in 2019 won’t make you suffer much. Following some requirements, you can choose the best one for your gardening task. There are some key factors to look for when you want to buy gardening gloves. Let’s look at them.

Outdoor Activities

If you want to buy gardening gloves for your outdoor activities then you must need to look for the pairs which are durable and reliable enough to give you protection from cold and damp soil. There are some gloves which are made with three layers and you can go for those durable gloves.

Casual Gloves

For everyday use, you need to look for the gloves which are made of polyester, spandex, or fleece. These gloves are made for giving you the maximum warmth and comfortable possible. Casual gloves are made with two layers. Inner part gives warmness while working, and the outer part gives protection from cold and damp soil.

Weather Proof

Only waterproof is not a solution for gardening gloves. You need to consider the weather part as well. Weather isn’t always the same in any country or region. There are many places where the weather changes suddenly.

Like, a sunny day turns into a rainy day instantly. So, you have to make sure you are getting gloves which are ultra-weather resistant.

For example, a pair of gloves will save you from rain, damp soil, and cold along with giving you the protection from the sun also. So, you have to keep this little part on your mind when you’re about to buy one of the best gardening gloves.

Durability & Flexibility

Durability means you can work with the gloves in with higher extent of time without any difficulty. The more times you can work with gloves gives you more reliability on the gloves’ manufacture.

And flexibility gives you the best comfortable feeling while you are wearing the gloves and working in your garden. If you can move your hands and fingers easily then the gloves are really comfortable and flexible.

If gloves are restricting your hands to move easily and you don’t feel comfortable with the movement of the gloves then avoid that pairs.


Go for the gloves which fit on your hands perfectly. An unfit glove will create an obstacle in your work and give you the worst experience you can ever have. Gloves bigger than your hands may slip and dirt, soil, and water may get into it. Else, smaller ones may make you feel tighter, unable to move fingers, uncomfortable, and suffocate.

Final Words

All these best gardening gloves models have met and exceeded high-quality and performance standards. The choice you make from the top five remains with you. Consider your hand size, place of work and your budget to emerge finally with a product that suits your gardening needs in the best way…

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