10 Best Freestanding Tubs Reviews and Buying Guide in 2020

For a beginner, choosing the best freestanding tubs can be a tall order. After all, there are so many of them in the market. Every manufacturer claims that theirs is the best.

If you are looking for this elegant addition for your country house, apartment or condo bathroom, we will help you choose one. We have done the hard footwork for you.

Read our reviews for the top rated freestanding tubs. That way, you can order one with confidence knowing that it will add elegance, sophistication and efficiency in your bathroom.

Perhaps you do not even know what kind of tub you want. In that case, you will find our reviews quite helpful. In every review, we will bring you the features that the freestanding tubs come with. We will also bring you the things that we like and don’t like about each of these products.

Perhaps you are in a bit of a hurry and you cannot read this writeup to the end. Don’t worry. Just see below for all of the ten tubs.

In a hurry? Check  this quick buying decision list:

1.59-inch WOODBRIDGE Freestanding TUB

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  •         Water capacity of 55 gallons
  •         59 by 31 by 23 inches dimensions
  •         Reinforced double wall design

 This bathtub brings a touch of luxury and chic into your bathroom. It has a 55-gallon capacity and the reinforced double wall design keeps the water hot for longer. Despite the big capacity, this tub is still able to fit into different spaces.

This tub is made with the ENDURACLEAN technology that makes it quite easy to clean and keep free of germs. The surface has a glossy finish and it retains this glossy touch for all of its life. Because of the silky nature of this kind of surface, cleaning it just requires a good wipe down. It is also scratch and abrasion-resistant and it will stay in great shape for many years.

Thanks to the reinforced walls and bottom/floor, this tub has a high weight capacity of 1000 pounds. It is unlikely that you and your spouse can reach such a high weight, but it is better to have more strength than less.

The bathtub drainpipe is of high quality too. It makes no sense to have a good bathtub and a poor drainpipe design. It has an anti-odor design, it does not corrode and it can handle even the hottest water that you pour into the tub. It can withstand cold temperatures without cracking. In addition, it also has a bug cover that keeps bacteria away.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict:  WOODBRIDGE is big on sanitation and therefore if you need a bathtub that has no odor and keeps bacteria out, go for this one. It is strong and is designed to keep water hot for longer to prolong your bathing and soaking session.

2. 72-Inch Wyndham Collection Freestanding Tub

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  •         72 inches long
  •         Brushed nickel drain
  •         Deep soaking depth

One of the most outstanding features of this freestanding tub is that you can install it on just about any type of floor. Under the tub, you get two base panels that you can cover with silicone during installation to secure the bathtub to the floor.

For durability, the walls are made of acrylic. This also makes the tub light in weight and easy for maneuvering into various spaces and positions. The surface is also easy to keep clean easily, with just a wipe down. It is also abrasion-resistant so it looks newer for longer. The drain, which is in a cable-driven pop-up design is also included and preinstalled. It is then beautifully finished with a brushed nickel cap.

With a capacity of 65 gallons, you get a much deeper soak than you would get with most tubs in this price range. If you are taller, you do not have to fold yourself too much since the tub is 72 inches long.

What we liked

What we don’t like

Our verdict: For tiled, wooden, stone and other floors that you would not like to drill holes into, the Wyndham Collection bathtub is your best bet. It is also stylish in design and can transform any bathroom. It is strong and light in weight.

3. FerdY Freestanding Bathtub

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  •         Measures 67 by 31 inches
  •         Made with fiberglass-reinforced acrylic
  •         Soak depth is 15 inches

This comfortable and stylish looking bathtub is going to enhance your interior décor a great deal. When you see it for the first time, it looks so simplistic. However, don’t let that deceive you because this tub has all the features that you need to make your bath time relaxing and refreshing.

Size is not a problem with this tub. After all, it has a capacity of 75 gallons. Because of the good soak depth as well as the big width of the tub, you are going to enjoy using the tub in any position that you like.  The bottom part of the tub is reinforced for resilience. The acrylic wall is further enhanced with fiberglass. This makes the tub light in weight but quite strong all the same.

It is amazing to see the amount of thought that the manufacturer of this freestanding bathtub put into it. It has two types of drain pipes and it is shipped with both. One is a plastic connector and the other one is brass. You can use one to fix any leakages from the tub or to adjust the tub’s drainage to meet the needs of different types of floors.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: If you would like a bathtub that will transform your bathroom from bland to exciting, get the FerdY freestanding tub. It has a large accommodating size and it can hold two people comfortably.

4. 48-Inch Empava Freestanding Bathtub

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  •         Holds 55 gallons of water
  •         Designed in jacuzzi-style for more relaxation
  •         Pre-drilled for faucet, jets and other fittings

This bathtub looks good, thanks to the choice of the materials used in uits construction.  The manufacturer has used glossy acrylic. There are certain benefits to this. One of them is that the tub is scratch-resistant. Secondly, it is so easy to keep clean and we all know how vital cleanliness is in a bathroom.

This is not a very long bathtub since it only measures 48 inches long. However, this has an advantage. It is easy to maneuver into any room. It is also easy to install alone if you have some experience because it is also light in weight. Once it is installed (you can fix it to its position with silicone), the bathtub stays stable.

The design of this bathtub is enchanting. It has clearly defined lines, a nice oval shape, and a depth that can allow an adult to submerge to their shoulders when they sit in the tub. All the fixtures (drain pipe, faucet, jets and showerhead) come pre-drilled. This makes your installation job so easy. The drain material is copper, which is corrosive-resistant and long lasting.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: If you have been having a problem with fatigue and aching bones, this jacuzzi bathtub can help you reduce inflammation. It comes in a freestanding design, which means it can be installed in any bathroom.

5. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L Acrylic Tub

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  • Beautiful rectangular design
  • Thick, acrylic construction for durability
  • Capacity of 58 gallons

The freestanding design of the KINGSTON BRASS bathtub means that you do not need to attach it to any wall. You can set it in any position in the bathroom and it will be good to use. As compared to the other tubs that we have reviewed here, this one is rectangular in design. It is suave, sophisticated and it adds a touch of luxury and freshness to your bathroom’s interior décor.

This bathtub is made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic and that makes it easy and light enough to move around even on your own. Acrylic is also scratch and stain-resistant, something that leaves your tub in excellent condition over a long time. It is further finished with a glossy touch. This makes it easy to clean.

Because of the rectangular design of the tub, it is not possible to tip it over during installation. However, if you do not have experience installing such fittings, you can always hire a plumber. This tub can be installed on any type of floor, thanks to its two adjustable feet.

The overall capacity of 58 gallons is enough to soak the fatigue out of your bones after a hard day’s work. Besides, the tub is also wide enough for you to rest your shoulders comfortably.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: If you would like a low budget but high quality fiberglass-enforced bathtub, get this one. You need not brace it against walls since it is a freestanding style tub.

6. Ove Decors Ruby Freestanding Bathtub

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  •         Heat retaining acrylic build
  •         30 inch sloping back for more relaxation
  •         Pre-installed center drain and overflow

 You will notice the slim design of this bathtub. If you have a small apartment bathroom and you still need a tub, you need one like this one. It is easy to maneuver in narrow bathrooms and the freestanding design makes it easy to install in any position. The tub has been fitted with adjustable feet for easier installation.

The water capacity for this bathtub is 53 gallons. However, because of the sloped back design, you will feel as if you are immersed in many more gallons of water. This is going to give you a relaxed time and a thorough cleanup.

You can match this bathtub with any kind of faucet. It works with wall-installed faucets, deck faucets and even freestanding ones. This kind of flexibility is hard to find in other tubs. However, please note that the faucet is not included so you have to buy one separately.

The pop-up pre-installed drain is finished with chrome. That way, it can match with chrome faucets. Besides, it also matches well with the white acrylic finishing of this bathtub.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: The acrylic material used in the construction of this tub makes it light in weight. It is easy to install and looks super glamorous in any bathroom where you decide to use it. the back is nicely sloped to enable the user to relax fully in the water.

7. ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub

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  •         Measures 71 by 37 by 28 inches
  •         Nice touch-control panel for bathing settings
  •         60 gallons water capacity

This is a whirlpool bathtub, meaning that it is different from a regular tub. The main benefit of using a whirlpool bathtub is that it massages the fatigue out of your muscles. It can also help with inflammation. The freestanding ARIEL Platinum has a hydro massage system that targets the pressure points. It has nice 14 multi-directional water jets that massage your muscles softly.

No one wants to bathe in a bland environment. That is why this bathtub goes a notch higher by incorporating LED lighting in blue, red, green, yellow and other colors. In addition, it also has onboard radio so that you can listen to music, radio show or news as you bathe.

It has been made with fiberglass-reinforced acrylic. Therefore, it is strong enough to withstand heat and cold with sustaining any damage. At the same time, it is almost as strong as its cast iron counterparts but much better because of its small weight. Acrylic is also scratch and abrasion resistant.

When you hop into the tub, you will be pleased with the shape that cradles your body, hugging you in warm comfort. This shape also enables you to stay in the water longer.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: You have seen that this is no ordinary freestanding bathtub. It comes with many extras such as radio, LED lights and 14 massaging jets. To get everything right, have it installed by a plumber so that you can get to enjoy all the features.

8. CRACCO SPA 59 Inches Freestanding Bathtub

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  •         Double walled acrylic construction reinforced with fiberglass
  •         Measures 59 by 30 by 23 inches
  •         Chrome-finished pop-up drain and overflow

This tub looks big, but it is much lighter in weight. The double wall is made of acrylic and that alone makes it quite strong and durable.  That is not all because it is also reinforced with fiberglass, actually five layers. This legitimately makes this tub one of the strongest in the market. It is also able to retain warmth very well, therefore keeping the water warm enough for prolonged bathing sessions.

 Measuring 59 x 30 x 23 inches, the tub is big enough for two people. There is no information about the water capacity, but from the measurements, it looks like it can take more than 50 gallons.

The sleek design of this tub makes it look quite good in any bathroom. It does not matter whether you have a rustic bathroom or a small contemporary bathroom because this tub will fit right in. Installation is bliss if you have some experience since there is no drilling or bracing against walls.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: The Cracco SPA 59 inches is a well-designed freestanding bathtub with the ability to transform your bathroom from boring to exciting. It is easy to install and it comes with double wall construction for durability.

9. MAYKKE Barnet Acrylic Bathtub

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  • The water capacity is 53 gallons
  • Has a length of 61 inches
  • Pop-up chrome finished drain and overflow ensure fast self-cleaning

This is a nice looking oval bathtub designed to fit every bathroom. The white finishing makes it look quite suave and clean. Because of the glossy finishing, it is easy to keep clean.

The material choice for this bathtub keeps the water hot for longer so that you can enjoy your soaking. If you are tall, you will love its overall length of 61 inches. You will feel comfortable when you submerge yourself up to the chest, without your knees popping out of the water. The water capacity for the tub is 66 gallons. This is enough capacity for two people to bathe at the same time.

When buying freestanding tubs, one of the things that we consider most is how easy it is to install it. With this one, you get levelling feet that you will use to keep the tub stable. You also do not need to brace it against walls or drill holes in your floor. With a bit of experience you can install the bathtub on your own.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: For the MAYKKE Barnet freestanding bathtub, we could not find evidence of any serious issues. It fits the bill just right when it comes to price, performance, usability and durability. With good care, it will last you many years in superb shape.

10. AKDY Freestanding Bathtub

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  •         Measures 70 by 30 by 29 inches (L by W by H)
  •         Curved pronounced contours
  •         Has a water capacity of 79 gallons

The AKDY freestanding tub is without doubt one of the most beautiful bathtubs that you can buy for your bathroom. It has pronounced curves and it offers nice armrests to the user. With a water capacity of 79 gallons, you can soak yourself chest-deep for as long as the water will retain the heat. This water capacity is also good to be used by two people.

 The design of the bathtub and the premium materials used show it is made to last a long time. Acrylic has been chosen because of its ability to retain heat, resist scratches and last long, while at the same time making the bathtub light enough to move easily. The double-walled construction enhances the durability of this tub.

Installing this tub should be easy thanks to the freestanding design and the detailed user manual. The Only thing you have to install is a drainpipe. There is no provision to install a deck faucet so you would have to buy a standalone one that you can position by the tub.

What we like

What we don’t like

Our verdict: This beautifully shaped bathtub comes in a freestanding design. However, the price you pay for the beauty is that this tub cannot fit two people, so you can only use it one person at a time. It keeps water warm for longer and it transforms any bathroom with its elegance.

How to choose the best Freestanding Tubs?

The right freestanding bathtub can give your bathroom the transformation that you have been looking for. However, as you have seen in our reviews section, there are hundreds of tubs in the market. Therefore, you cannot afford to pick just any one that you get online.

Here are a few things that you should consider before committing your money on one:

The size of the tub

Size is the chief consideration when you are buying a tub. If it is too big, it will not fit in the bathroom and if it is too small, it will look out of place. You want to buy a tub that can fit one or two people comfortably. However, you also want it to fit in your bathroom.

Just measure the bathroom, consider whether there is any free space and most importantly, envision how the bathroom will look with the tub added. It is paramount that you leave a way around the tub and that the door opens without getting too close to the tub.

You should also consider the depth of the tub keenly. For longer and deeper soaks, a deep tub will do. However, if you just get into the tub to clean up and go, a shallower one will do just fine. Consider getting an oval-shaped tub because that always looks good and it gives the illusion of more space even where there is none.


While cast iron is also one of the materials used in the construction of freestanding tubs, with time, it has lost popularity. The main material for making these bathtubs is acrylic, which is then reinforced with fiberglass. This makes it strong enough to last a long time. Most tubs also come with double wall design, which helps in warmth retention.

Another thing that you might want to consider is the finishing. Glossy acrylic carries the day because it is easier to clean, is abrasion and scratch-resistant. It also fits nicely with any bathroom. The drain can be copper or chrome-finished, with the latter being more popular.

Bathtub style

Again, as you have seen in our reviews, bathtubs come in different styles. The most common one is the oval style because it seems to fit very well in small spaces. However, if you would rather try something unique like a rectangular tub, go ahead.

Consider how you will be using the tub. If you need a deep soak, then you need a deeper tub and vice versa. You may also consider buying tubs with a pedestal to raise it a bit from the floor. Most of these features are optional and may cost you more money, but they are worth it.

Buy a bathtub that will match or complement your interior décor. If it is too different, it will look sorely out of place.

FAQs about Freestanding Tubs

What are the popular materials used to make freestanding tubs?

Acrylic is very popular and it is reinforced with fiberglass. The main benefit of acrylic tubs is that they are light in weight, easy to clean and they last a long time. However, there are other materials too.

Cast iron tubs are heavier, but they have excellent heat retention and they last a long time. Copper tubs are known for their vintage look, but they are less common.

How should I position the tub for easier cleaning around it?

It is recommended that you keep the tub at least 4 inches from the wall. Since the bathroom is a moist place, it is important that you have no dark spots to avoid mold and the thriving of bacteria. If you have more space, you can leave a bigger gap between the tub and the wall.

Are there special freestanding bathtubs that I can consider buying?

Yes there are. For example, we have jacuzzi tubs and whirlpool tubs. Both types are designed in such a way that they help the water massage your muscles. Whirlpool tubs produce jets of water that target certain pressure points in your body. Jacuzzi tubs help soothe inflamed muscles.

Which one is more expensive between a regular and a freestanding bathtub?

The latter is more expensive because of its obvious benefits. First, it can be installed anywhere easily. Secondly, it is better in design, more attractive and stylish. It looks almost handcrafted. Thirdly, installation is simple and it does not require concrete.


Hopefully, the information that we have provided you here will help you buy a tub that will give you good value for your money. The products we have reviewed here were selected on their popularity, price and design. Whichever one of these best freestanding tubs captures your fancy, you can be sure it will meet your needs. 

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