Best Fiberglass Shower Cleaners Reviews in 2020 (Better Solution)

We spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom and it’s the primary reason why we should take care of it. However, maintaining a bathing area including the tubs, sinks and other fixtures is not an easy task. Why? Because of a humid environment, the bathroom and its components attract various microbial and pathogens that can live, reproduce and contaminate your washing area. What is the solution then? Well, maintain your bathroom including the tub using one of the best fiberglass bathtub cleaners that we will discuss here.

The given options will give you a healthy and bright bathroom and also make the cleaning process fast. You can use all the given options to clean your fiberglass shower and other bathroom components.

Best Overall

Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover 20.3 oz

Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Shower Cleaner

Want to clean fiberglass shower doors and tubs without any hassles? Check our no. 1 choice, the eco-friendly Bio Clean hard water stain remover. It is very useful for shower doors, tubs, windshields, windows, chrome, tiles, toilets, granite and steels.

Best Value

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner-32oz Bottle

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

Want to shine your fiberglass showers and tubs? You may consider buying the Bucko Soap Scum Cleaner. It is budget friendly and can be used for various purpose. It helps to  dissolve tough soap scum, makes shower doors and  bathtubs new again.

1. Bio-Clean: Eco-Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover

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The eco friendly hard water stain remover is suitable to be used around pets or children because it does not have harmful chemicals. It works great on a fiberglass bathtub and also gives desired cleaning results on other surfaces. 

Specially designed to remove the hard water stains, the Bio-Clean stain cleaner is not a quick workhorse. You need to apply the gel and leave it for some time to get better results. But the time taken is worth it because it gives you a shiny surface once you rinse the foam. Everything goes down; even the old and stubborn ones. 

Unlike most of the other cleaning agents, the Bio-Clean remover leaves your bathroom with a lemon-fresh scent. Now, that makes it clever because the stain remover is also working as a room freshener. Hygienic bathroom smelling nice, what else can you expect from a bathroom cleaner?



Our verdict:  Suitable for homeowners living in areas wherein hard water and its stains are common. Also, it works great for users who have kids and pets in the house.

2. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

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Soft water remains easy on your fiberglass bathtub. Still, you need a cleaner that can stand against the grime and stains. The soap scum cleaner from Bucko fits the bill and clears all the rings and other stains from your bathtub. It does not have any chemicals or toxic elements and still works without any scrubbing. Allow it to rest on the surface for a few minutes and then wipe out the gunk to get the desired shine. 

The Bucko soap scum and grime cleaner work more than just a bathtub or bathroom cleaner. You can also use it in your garage, kitchen, patio furniture and many other places. However, you should not use it on wooden or painted surfaces, stone, brass, natural marble, and colored grout. 

We talked to several homeowners who are using the Bucko Soap cleaner and got impressive reviews. According to them, it takes little time and leaves a bathtub clean and shiny. 



Our verdict: If you need a high-quality cleaner than take care of your fiberglass shower from soap scum and grime, then The Bucko gives you a cost-effective option. However, it only works with soft water.

3. Bring It On Cleaner Hard Water Stain Remover

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The hard water stain remover from Bring It On easily removes all the soap scum and other stains from your fiberglass tub or tiles. You can also clean shower doors and many other fixtures using this stain remover. It is ammonia and alcohol-free, so you can freely use the product on granite, marble, mirrors and other hard surfaces. And why not? This cleaner is built to be effective on multiple surfaces. Unlike other cleaners that use chlorine bleach, the Bring It On stain remover works with oxygen bleach. This bleach is non-toxic and safe to be used around pets and animals. 

Bring It On cleaner works with Pro-Tect Shield formula that fills the pores of the materials you are cleaning. Hence, it forms a durable shield that never allows any mineral build-up, because the water simply flows off the surface. 



Our verdict: Hard water buildup results in some stubborn marks that you can easily remove using the Bring It On Cleaner. Suitable for multiple surfaces and homeowners who want to get rid of hard water stains.

4. CLR PRO Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover

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Need a tool to combat stubborn stains? Then, the CLR Pro can be the best bet because it has the power to bring whiteness to one of your oldest bathtubs. Did you say, limescale and rust? Yes, it can remove them as well. 

CLR Pro cleaner is efficient, cost-effective and spreads less odor in comparison with other options. However, you should always wear gloves while applying it to the bathtub. Do not use it more than once a week. The product lacks phosphates, chemicals, bleach or ammonia, but over usage can cause discoloration. 

If you want to reanimate your bathtub, then the CLR Pro could be the best option. It works like magic and once the remover is done, you can use a gentle cleansing agent on your bathtub for a long time. Maybe for years. Its usage is simple, apply the concentrate on any surface, wat for ten minutes and then rinse off with water. No scrubbing required with the CR Pro. 



Our verdict: It might suit the homeowners who need a strong cleaning agent for the bathtubs. Especially if you need to deal with Calcium, Lime and rust in and around the house.

5. Mold Armor FG502 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover

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The FG502 consists of citric acid that combines cleaning as well as hygienic abilities. Now, it’s the reason you can use the Mold Armor stain remover to tackle stubborn stains from fiberglass, ceramic sanitary ware, acrylic glass, and tiles. When you work with it, the stain remover co-operates by giving you fast and efficient results. 

Mold Armor FG502 never damages a surface, it works gently against the stain including limes and rust. It will simply dissolve unwanted elements without any scrubbing. So, good for individuals dealing with a bad back. Yes, that’s right. It works without any external help. The reason behind this is its formula that contains granules surrounded by bubbles that dissolve with any stains. All you need to do is; apply it over all the surfaces, wait for five minutes and rinse it with water. You will get nothing else but a shining bathtub. 

As it’s an efficient cleaner, the FG502 will significantly reduce your bathroom cleaning time. Apart from all that, it leaves the area with a pleasant smell. These are the reasons why its popular and one of our recommendations as well. 



Our verdict: If you want long term protection from mold and mildew, then the FG502 is an option that you might consider. Apart from that, it is also effective on multiple surfaces and keeps your bathtub safe from almost all the stains.

6. RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain & Mildew Stain Remover

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When you need to deal with mold and mildew, you cannot afford to use a cleaner that can miss. Its where the RMR-86 instant stain remover comes handy because it can clean all the anti-hygienic elements within 15 seconds. No need for scrubbing or brushing. Ask any of its users and they will agree with the same. Whether you need to clean a fiberglass shower, tiles, ground or wooden surface, you can get the desired results using this cleaning agent. However, you should never try this on metal.

Most of its users are impressed by the fast results. Some of them also recommended that you should use it in ventilated areas. Otherwise, the scent might feel irritating. However, one aspect wherein all the users of RMR-86 stain remover is; it can remove mold fast and effectively.



Our verdict: Are you troubled with mold or mildew in the bathroom or any of its components? Then, this is the suitable product that you can try for fast and efficient removal of all the stains.

7. ForceField ScumBlaster: Fiberglass Tubs Cleaner

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Using half a bottle of bathtub cleaner every weekend can be expensive in the long run. It’s the reason why ForceField created the ScumBlaster that produces five bottles of cleaning power from one. All thanks to its industrial-grade formula that you can dilute according to the requirements. 

Mildew is a common problem in bathing areas because of their closed and moist nature. The ScumBlaster effectively removes mildew from your bathtub and never allows it to settle or grow. It’s also effective on hard water stains, soap scum, grease, and rust. You can use the ScumBlaster on any of the bathtubs apart from fiberglass. Apart from that, you can also use it to clean the sink, showerhead, tiles, and toilet. 

As you see, ScumBlaster cleans almost any of the surfaces in your bathroom. So, you don’t need any other cleaning products. These are the reasons why many professionals use it and recommend the same for homeowners who need organic cleaning in their house.



Our verdict: ScumBlaster uses organic salt, instead of bleach or corrosive acids. So, suitable for homeowners looking for a hygienically cleaned bathtub without making any harm to the environment.

8.TR INDUSTRIES GG-1 Kitchen and Bath Polish and Protector

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The GG-1 is a natural and hypoallergenic protector that coats any surface with carnauba wax to prevent grease and plaque stains. It does not require much effort from your end. You only have to apply the GG-1, wait for a while and wipe it out to get a shiny surface.

Due to an effective cleaning formula, the protector from TR Industries penetrates corners and other tough to reach places to destroy mold and other microbial. All thanks to its wax coating, the protector also eliminates future water spots and stains. Certified and tested according to the international standards, the GG-1 is effective on fiberglass, acrylic, chrome, stainless steel, plastic laminate, ceramic, porcelain, and cultured marble. As you can see, GG-1 is a multipurpose cleaner that can use on your fiberglass bathtub, sinks, showers, vanities, and spas. 



Our verdict: If you need absolute cleanliness in your bathroom or kitchen, then try the GG-1 that leaves a wax coating behind to protect the surface from future attacks by stains, mold or other contaminants.

9. Wet and Forget 801064 Shower Cleaner

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Our next recommendation has a great name and its an effective fiberglass bathtub cleaner. Wet and Forget shower cleaner gives you one of the best possible ways to remove limescale, grease and all other difficult to remove stains. It comes with a spray head so that everyone can use the shower cleaner easily and conveniently. 

Wet and Forget cleaner has a simple application. Spray the concentrate in your bathroom and rinse it off the very next day. You will be surprised to see the results because the surface will look new and unused. Once you are done, the cleaner will leave your bathroom with refreshing vanilla essence. 

Suitable for multiple surfaces, the Wet and Forget shower cleaner is comparatively economical to use, lacks chemical components, and comes in a stylish easy to use pack. These are the reasons why it’s very popular in the United States.



Our verdict: Great for homeowners who needs an organic bathtub cleaner that takes care of soap scum, mold or mildew and also leaves a refreshing aroma. No scrubbing required, you only wait for a day and rinse off the cleaning agent.

10. Rejuvenate Scrub Free Soap Scum Remover

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It’s important to use a non-abrasive on the surface of a fiberglass bathtub so that you can save it from unnecessary scratches. Rejuvenate scrub free soap scum remover comes with a nonabrasive and anti-scrubbing formula that allows you to clean the bathtub and other components with minimum fuss. 

The cleaning spray does not have toxic compounds and is also fragrance-free. You only have to spray the concentrate and rinse the surface for a smooth shine without any streaks. It never asks you to scrub the surface repeatedly and destroy your hands as well as time that you can utilize to complete other household tasks. Apart from fiberglass bathtubs, you can also use this scum remover on ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stone, chrome, plastic, and glass. These are the reasons why it has received multiple cleaning product awards.



Our verdict: Rejuvenate scum remover deserves trial of all the users who wants an easy to use bathtub cleaner that can please them with its cleaning that also without any scrubbing or extra waiting.

How to choose the best fiberglass Shower cleaners?

Finding a great cleaner for your bathtub cleaner might be not be as easy as it seems. So, consider some of the factors to get the appropriate cleaning agent for your bathroom.

Read the description:
When you are considering a cleaning product, make sure it is safe to use on a fiberglass bathtub. If you are confused or unsure then avoid the product and look for something that mentioned fiberglass cleaning. 

Check the buildup:
Your bathtub seems a great amount of dirt and grime every day, especially if you have children or pets. Some of the cleaners are built to remove soap scums while some others are suitable for hard water stains. So, check what kind of dirt or grime a cleaner need to deal with and then choose one accordingly. 

Know the water quality:
Living in an area where hard water is the only supply? Then, all the bathtub cleaners will not be effective in your house because of the tough limescale and watermarks. So, choose a cleaning agent that can deal with hard water stains.

Concentrated or diluted:
Most of the homeowners prefer a concentrated solution that can be diluted as per the need. You can make a strong cleaning solution if you need to deal with stubborn stains and it also remains cost-effective in the long run. 

Know other usages:
It’s confusing as well as expensive to keep too many clears in your bathroom closet. So you can always try and invest in something that can clean multiple other surfaces apart from your fiberglass cleaner. Isn’t it a nice idea to save some space as well as money on cleaning products? 

You must have noticed that some of the cleaners work on sinks, shower doors, porcelain, and many other surfaces. Some of them are also effective in dealing with a wide variety of stains and marks. So, choose one of those that can not only provide you with a clean bathtub, but an overall hygienic bathroom.

FAQs about Fiberglass Shower cleaners

How to clean fiberglass tub stains?

Apply a cleaning agent on the stains using a spray bottle or sponge and leave it there for 15 minutes. The time can vary according to the make and formula of the cleaner. So, follow the instructions included with the product. Once the given period is over, you should rinse off the area with warm water. 

How can I keep my fiberglass tub look new?

Use a towel to dry the bathtub after every usage and spray it daily with an after shower cleaner like Method Daily Shower Spray. Following such steps will prevent watermarks, mold, and scum build-up. You can also make your own after shower cleaner by mixing 1/3-cup white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. 


Cleaning a bathtub can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t have the right products. However, you can save yourself from the pain using one of the best fiberglass shower cleaners that we were discussing today. Any of them will be effective on your tub and other components in your bathing area. Some of the options also leave your bathroom with a refreshing scent. So, choose an option according to your requirements, but make sure it’s safe to be used on your fiberglass tub. Always wear gloves while cleaning and keep the area ventilated.

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