5 Best Blender For Ice Crushing in 2020 (Reviews & Guide)

Everyone knows that a blender is one of the main essentials in every kitchen. Having one makes your life a lot easier. A blender is a versatile appliance because you can make hakes, juices, ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies or even cocktails with it. A good blender will go a long way. With so many options on the market today, you might wonder how to choose the right blender. Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of knowing where to look. Rest assured, you have come to the right place. Each one listed is the best blender for ice crushing. That’s how you know they’re all good.

1. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

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Summer is on its way and that means you will probably be spending a lot of time outside, maybe host a barbecue or a pool party. But you can’t have either of those without some nice, refreshing cocktails, like a margarita or a daiquiri. This Ninja Professional blender is the best blender for crushing ice which means your cocktails will be a sure hit!

The Ninja Professional blender features a nice design and an amazing 1000 watt motor. It has a brilliant, 6 blade assembly which can crush ice a lot faster and it blends ingredients smoothly. The special Total Crushing Technology brings you professional power that is almost unbeatable.

Blast through ice, whole fruits or vegetables in a blink of an eye and make delicious dips, smoothies or sauces. The 72-ounce pitcher means that your entire family can enjoy large batches of creamy drinks and smoothies in a matter of seconds. You can forget the hassle of measuring everything twice.

All parts of the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender are BPA free. BPA means bisphenol A, a chemical used to make various plastics. BPA could cause health effects so you should make sure to avoid it. Cleaning the blender will be a piece of cake because all parts are dishwasher safe.



2. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

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Blenders tend to be a pain before you figure out how to use them. That will not be a problem with the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender. The robust, 600-Watt motor reverses the blades backward and forward, pulling food and ice for a smooth blending.

This means you can forget scraping the food from the sides of the blender with a spatula or a spoon. The Oster has seven speeds, pre-programmed settings, which include both time and function. You will have amazing, precise control at just a touch of a button, so let the blender do all the thinking for you.

As far as the manual settings go, the low, medium and high settings provide you with even more options. You can blend a wide variety of both foods and beverages, like frozen drink, sauces, dips, soups or smoothies. Go a step further and make your own delicious peanut butter.

This blender can blend any nut, into a smooth, creamy butter, a much healthier and cheaper alternative to the store bought ones. All Oster Blenders feature a unique design and an All-Metal Duralast drive. This guarantees a lasting performance and quality.

The 6-cup pitcher is all glass and dishwasher safe. The glass is Thermal Shock tested so you can safely make cold beverages as soon as you pull it out of a hot dishwasher.



3. Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro Blender

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The Cuisinart CBT-2000W Hurricane Pro Blender is powerful. It features a commercial 3.5 Horsepower motor, highest in its class. This translates into speed control that varies from 1,500 to the unbelievable 25,000 RPM. RPM stands for Revolutions per minute.

What’s more, with a special Turbo Boost setting you can achieve the astonishing maximum of 30,000 RPM. Other settings include Soup, Ice Crush, Smoothie, and an extremely valuable Clean function. What makes this blender different than any other is its memory function.

It lets you adjust time and setting and the innovative memory remembers it. This blender is impressively good at creating a vortex inside the pitcher. If you look inside while making smoothies, you will see the liquid moved around the pitcher in four smaller vortexes.

This means that everything will go through the blades. Ingredients won’t stick to the sides of the pitcher like they do in some other blenders. The Cuisinart Hurricane Pro Blender is sturdy and its 64-ounce pitcher fits a lot of ingredients.

The blades are not as sharp as with some other blenders, so you won’t ever have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself. You definitely don’t need unnecessarily sharp blades when you have a motor that spins the blades at 10,000 RPM or more. The force of the impact is going to shred everything apart in a second.



4. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar (64 oz)

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There’s a chance you saw a Blendtec blender at your favorite restaurant or a smoothie shop. And there is a reason for that. It’s because they build them to meet the highest commercial standards. This blender has a square pitcher design.

It’s different than a lot of round, circular ones. Square pitcher design helps to disrupt the flow of all the ingredients that are in the pitcher. If you ever found yourself shaking the jar or pushing everything back down to the blade, you’re not going to have that problem with this machine.

The design of the pitcher and the blades helps pull all of the ingredients back down to the base. The blade is different, as well. It’s a single winged tip blade. The blades are ten times stronger and eight times thicker than on other blenders.

The Blendtec comes with six pre-programmed cycles. Those are Whole Juice, Hot Soup, Batters, Smoothie, Ice Cream and of course, Ice Crush. This might be the best blender for ice. For manual fine-tuning, there is also the Pulse setting. If you’re busy in the morning you can load up the

Blendtec with ingredients push the button once and walk away. When you come back you’ll have your breakfast ready for you. On the front, you also have a small display that shows the timer and as soon as that runs out the machine will turn itself off.



5. Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender

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The Breville BBL910XL Boss Superblender is an easy to use, high-velocity super blender. The Boss intuitive to use control panel make it simple to get the most out of the blender. The speed control has twelve settings, like stir, mix, chop, blend, puree and even mill.

The mill setting is also the fastest and it’s perfect for milling different ingredients. You can mill grains, beans, nuts, and seeds to create your own spices, nut butter, and even flours. The LCD display offers feedback on your selected setting.

The timer also counts up or counts down your blending time. So, you can repeat results from blend to blend. For even greater simplicity the Boss has five pre-programmed, one-touch functions. They’re there to maximize the integration of ingredients and minimize the need for interaction.

There is also a Pulse Ice Crush which senses the bending load. It will adjust the pulse bursts depending on how much ice you’ve put in the pitcher. The cycle will stop as soon as it detects that the ice is properly crushed. The Boss has a dedicated one-touch green smoothie button.

The large pieces of fruit and leafy greens in green smoothies make no ordinary smoothies. Green smoothie program runs at maximum speed initially to pull all the ingredients into the blades. Then the power reduces for maximum aeration and texture.

Pre-programmed function Frozen Desserts combines and blends frozen ingredients. It creates amazing frozen desserts, like sorbets and ice creams. The Breville Boss is the best blender for ice cream on the market.



How to Choose a Better Blender?

Selecting a blender on random doesn’t make sense, but there are thousands of blenders on the market today. It’s important to know what to watch out for before you buy a blender. Knowing certain details means you won’t waste your money. And you will know which specifications to aim for. You might learn a few tips and tricks about how your blender works and that’s a nice plus, too.

Controls and Speeds

The decision about the type of controls based entirely on a personal preference. A flip switch might limit you to a few basic options but it’s easy to clean. Push buttons can collect dirt in some harder to reach places but you can easily switch between speeds.

Dial controls are easy to use but require you to burn through all the settings to get to the desired speed. Touchpad controls are very straightforward. They are both easy to use and easy to clean. Certain blenders only have two speeds, while others have up to 17 speeds or even more. For daily use, three speeds are enough.

If you have ten or more speeds it can be hard to even tell them apart. The pulse setting brings more precision when blending delicate ingredients. Some blenders come with pre-programmed settings for crushing ice, making smoothies or soups.

These are great if you are busy and don’t want to babysit your blender all the time. Just press the button and let it do the rest. Extracting all the good stuff, like fiber and nutrients is a piece of cake for some high-speed blenders. With them, you won’t need to worry about tricky stuff like dates or nuts.

Different Categories of Blenders

As you know, there are two distinctly different categories of blenders available on the market. Immersion blenders make up the first category. They’re also called handheld or stick blenders. They’re small, long and thin but they require your constant attention because they need to be held.

They can make thinner drinks, like smoothies or soups but they only blend fresh fruits and veggies. You can’t use them with ice or anything that frozen.

The second category consists of so-called countertop blenders. They’re also known as jug, jar or pitcher blenders. This type of blender usually features a stationary pitcher. They run on electricity. They can perform a wide variety of kitchen tasks.

For example, blending smoothies, milkshakes or cocktails, pureeing, mixing, chopping, crushing ice and so much more.

Size and Type of Blender Pitchers

When it comes to the size of the pitcher there are many options. Certain blender have pitchers that can serve only one or two people, while others have huge, family sized pitchers. This means they vary from 14-ounce to even 90-ounce. The middle 40-ounce pitcher will be enough for smaller families.

As for the type of blender pitchers, this comes down to material from which it’s made of. Certain high-end models have glass pitchers. Most of the budget blenders come with a plastic pitcher.

If it’s plastic, pay attention to whether it’s made of BPA-free plastic. BPA means bisphenol A. It’s a known chemical that is sometimes used in industry to make sturdy plastic. There is research that has shown that it is possible for BPA to seep into beverages and food. In order to stay safe, you should try and avoid it.

Look for a pitcher that has a wide mouth. Loading and cleaning will be much easier. Make sure that there are easy to read measurements, too.


Watch out for spout design. Look for an obvious curved pouring spout. It will make pouring that much easier. If the design is flat everything will be messy and difficult. Nobody wants that. You don’t want to pour from the corner and drip everywhere. It just adds onto the list of things you have to clean up afterward.


If you are a busy family, make sure to choose a blender that has an already programmed Clean function. This means that you’ll only have to add some water and a few drops of dish soap into the blender and it will do all the work for you.  Some blenders come with many parts and taking them apart to clean and then put back together is very time-consuming.


The type of blade is probably the most important thing in any blender. Look for a stainless steel blade. It’s stronger and more durable, especially if you plan on doing a lot of ice-crushing. Aluminum blades are prone to breaking and damage.

This might be a health hazard.  Some blenders also have extremely sharp blades on which you or other family members might cut yourself. Others have blunt blades. This is a personal preference. Keep in mind that a powerful motor will make up for more blunt blades.


Depending on the number of functions, for example, pre-programs, timers or displays the price of blender will rise. First, decide what type of blender you want. Then, look for things that are important to you. Certain accessories, like extra glasses, might be an advantage. It could save you money in the long run.


Some blenders take up more space than others. This might be a deal breaker if you own a small kitchen. Always check the dimensions of the blender. An immersion blender can fit in a drawer but they don’t have the functions like countertop blenders.

A model that is less than 20 inches tall could save you some space if you want to keep your blender on the countertop. Just tuck it in under the cupboards. Keep in mind the attachments that might come with your blender. The improve versatility and might even save you some money but they will take up a lot of space in your kitchen.


Another thing you might want to check is whether the blender comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or the seller. This tells you how confident the manufacturer is in the quality of the product. Of course, accidents could always happen so it’s good to know you can count on replacement parts without having to pay a lot of extra money.


Finding the best blender for ice doesn’t have to be hard at all. Pretty much everything you need to know is right on this list. The models listed are all strong enough to crush ice and other tough ingredients. Like root vegetables or pretty much anything that’s frozen. Keep in mind everything that you’ve read and you won’t have anything to worry about. Good luck and happy shopping!

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